Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011- Halls Gap, The Grampians Victoria.

We headed up to The Grampians region of Victoria for our Easter break. Not before calling in to visit my Pa in the Hospice in Bendigo. It was a short and loving visit that we had with Pa. He is just so tired now and he expressed that he just wants to be with his Mum now, time to go. The main thing I am so happy about is that he is pain free. Thank goodness for the excellent nursing care there in the Hospice. Such a sad time for everyone.
We arrived at Halls Gap on Wednesday. It was raining off and on throughout the first two days of our stay. It did not deter us having fun! We sat by the fire with our friends. we laughed and told jokes and the boys played guitar a little bit too. The kids found so many friends to play with. The kangaroos and the kookaburras were within arms reach, and the view of the mountains never cease to amaze us.

On Easter Sunday the kids woke to some chocolate eggs. They also got some money to spend at the shops. Nicholas bought two Phantom Comic Books, the girls bought themselves some beautiful colourful sun catchers, and Tom bought himself a chocolate milk drink (haha, teenagers love their milk right?)
We took some yabbie nets with us and placed them inside a small body of water.. each morning we went back there were more in the trap. it intrigued the kids, and especially our neighbour's little girl, she learnt a new word "Yabbie" (said like "dabbie").

(heading Off up a track)

We went four wheel driving through a lovely track with two other vehicle loads of people. We took out time and soaked up the beautiful nature. I took a few photos, as you can see there are wild flowers up there even now, spectacular in real life.

(One example of the damage the rains in January caused to one track in The Grampians)
Now we are home and tired, and I have completed three loads of washing thus far. All is well that ends well.


FoxyMoron said...

Oh how lovely Cazzie, what a great Easter you all had. Those kids of yours are going to have such great memories of their childhoods.
Sorry about your Pa, sounds like it won't be long now. Thoughts are with you and your family.

Andrew said...

Looks like a great fun. Treasure these times while they are still young.

Mom said...

It seems that all wonderful trips with children end with great loads of laundry.

Middle Child said...

I love hearing about the treks you have with your family - its nice to imagine your carload full of happy faces finding places you've never been to before - these are the good old days for sure