Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update on my Pa. He has got himself a new set of wheels! Yeah. I know you all know he had a cool car and all, but I am talkin' 'bout a motorised scooter! This is much safer for him and gives him independance that I think he thought he would not ever see again. He got a reconditioned one off of this guy that.. reconditions motorised scooters. The guy had two of them, so Pa reports to me. One was caught up in the floods at Rochester and had to be fully re-coed, and the other one was involved in a car accident (*shudders at that thought right there!). He purchased the former one. He requested the guy paint racing stripes on the sides and he wants my Uncle to buy him a fox tail to fly above him to alert any pedestrians.. oh, and when I last spoke to him on the phone he said " Listen Carolyn.. listen". So, I was listening and I hear this toot toot.. pip pip sound.. I say "Oh cool Pa.. now people will know you are coming up behind them on the footpath". He says, " Nope, that's pissy! It's a sheila's horn, I want one that makes a louder sound". I laughed my arse off at that!
Stay cool!


FoxyMoron said...

Well we don't want to be having any "sheila's sound" on our scooter do we? LOL what a guy!

Mom said...

The scooter sounds like a wonderful new thing for your Pa. He is going to love scooting all over in it. Get him a good manly horn.

Beet said...


My hubby's nan has a scooter and refuses to use it. She tried it once, backed into a fence and hasn't been game to have another go since. Glad your Pa can have his independence back :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Foxy, haha, he is so funny. He usually is not this un couth. But, what the Hell aye?

Mom, I think he was employing my Uncle to get that horn lol. Cannot wait to hear it!

Beet, that's funny.. my cousin was having a go at the scooter when I called my Pa and he was saying "Don't run into the gate... there's no brakes!" Oh boy!

Middle Child said...

No go out and get him one from a Mack truck -- that'll scare the beejesus out of them all

duncan said...

Hi Cazzie - found you from a link on frigginloon's blogroll.

Sorry to hear about your Pa. He sounds like quite a strong character - a bit like this guy