Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day and Eden Trip......

Today is our National Day, Australia Day. I would usually take the kids down the to beach in Altona to enjoy the festivities that the council put on for free, including fireworks on the foreshore near the Pier. But, I am working a night shift tonight. I am enjoying my days at work.. nights rather.
The kids go back to school in the next two weeks and I am not looking forward to it really. I love them being home.. and they all sleep in of a morning on the holidays.. oh well, we all gotta learn some time right?
We returned on Sunday night from a beautiful place called Eden in New South Wales. It was wonderful. We spent hubbie's birthday there. He was in his element fishing and catching prawns in nets in a little estuary behind our camp spot.
I have to go back to bed now for a little while as I leave for work at 8pm. Stay safe xoxo


Jules said...

Hey there georgie girl.

How's life treating you? I have finally found your blog again, after bloglines stuffed me up.

Much Love


Andrew said...

How successful was the fishing? Enough for a meal?

G-Man said...

Cazzie Cazzie Cazzie...Oy Oy Oy!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Jules! I logged into your blog last night.. will check back again. Much huggs xoxo

Andrew. Tom and hubby caught a nice big fish.. sheesh, I cannot remember the name of it now.. but is was so yummy, and BIG :) Hubby also netted some nice prawns, the kids loved them. They did not catch an awful lot of fish, bit there was enough for a meal with side of salad and chips :) It was nice to watch Tom and hubby spending time together while I searched for lovely shells with the girls and Nick :)

G-Man... love ya mate xoxo

Middle Child said...

I love Austraya day! And so it seems you do as well