Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010 was a nice quiet day at home, no driving involved and no hurry up to get to.. anywhere. We woke up to the sounds of the youngest three excited that Santa had been. The kids were happily opening their gifts. We all played Xbox Kinect.. what an awesome invention it is. Technology is just so ... amazing!
I cooked some turkey, some veggies from our garden and we plated up some Australian prawns. Bon Bons were cracked open and hats placed on our heads. Silly jokes were read out.. we all laughed and were uber excited when the kids started bringing out the chocolate mousse that they had made.
After lunch we went out the back and the kids blew massive bubbles with the bubble wands santa had placed under the tree. What a great bargain he had got them from Big W for one dollar each! Of course, we ran out of bubble mix and so my dish washing liquid was used up.. but we had a fun time so it did not matter.
Nicholas flew his remote control helicopter in the yard. It scaled the fence, it scaled the house, it got to great heights! We are lucky the Air traffic control towers did not send word that there was a helicopter in some 747's flight path! lol
I called my Pa on the phone to wish him a very Merry Christmas, and also my Aunt and Uncle too.
We made a trip to Bendigo to see my Pa on Boxing Day. The kids went on to the lake there with their Dad so I could have some alone time with my Pa. I was so happy to have that hour and a bit alone with him. I love him dearly.
Whilst at the lake, the kids proclaimed to see lots of turtles. I missed out on them, but I am sure I will see them another time. Pa's area has plague amounts of locusts there right now. That excited Mia to no end. We frisked her before coming home in the car just in case she pocketed some. We don't want them in our veggie gardens!

While I have you all here, can you pop over and see my friend Bush Babe's site, she has the most wonderful calenders she has taken the images all by her own self and put them together so spectacularly that I have purchased two of them myself.. and I am not disapointed at all


Jayne said...

Sounds like an absolutely lovely time had by all and how wonderful for you to catch up with your Pa :)

Kennington Reservoir, was it?

Cazzie!!! said...

I think it may have been. My cousin lives there and was just leaving my Pa's when we got there and he suggested that hubby take the kids to this lake down yonder for a look see. That way I could have time alone with my Pa.
They were so excited about the turtles.. they said they looked like little floating sticks.. until they came closer :)

FoxyMoron said...

So glad you had a nice Christmas, as we did.

Mom said...

Christmas and family is what it is all about. Glad you had a lovely day.

Cazzie!!! said...

Foxy, I read back on your blog and life looks so good for you and yours, I love the images too.. you all look so happy :)

Mom, thanks so much and yes, it sure is what family is all about xoxo

Middle Child said...

It sounded like the best day...I had a look at the calendar you mentioned - what amazing photos - there is so much out there but some people see more than others - she's one of them