Monday, November 08, 2010

Butterfly Girls...

On the weekend we had a house full of kids. Up to ten or eleven at any one time. My four children have made wonderful friends with a larger family who live around the corner. It was not always this way. Last year the kids around the corner began going to my childrens' school. There were many hiccups. The worst day was when I drove to the school and I sighted a bunch of kids in a circle. There was a bug fight going on. I broke it up. It was my softest boy with their biggest boy. I told them all off, and I told them all to get along. If they were going to the same Primary School they surely will go to the same High School.. and, that if they all live close to each other wouldn't it be better to just get along? They all thought about it for a second and agreed. It has been a good result in the end. Now they all walk to and from school in a walking/riding school bus.
This past weekend, the girls and I attended a local Craft Fair. The girls got face painted as Fairy Butterflies.. so beautiful. We did not want to wash it off! The lady was so talented.. and she took aso much time to paint Sarah's butterfly.
My friend Cherry had a stall there and she has the most divine almost edible organic skin and hair products..hmmmm
Also, our new friend Natasha Hurst played some lovely songs up on stage there on the Sunday. What a lovely voice. The fair certainly was worth attending. Next year I will purchase a lot of my Christmas gifts. Now I know what is there.


Mom said...

Making friends with your enemies is the best way to win a fight.
Face painting is always so much fun.

Middle Child said...

Sounds like a good time I loved having sleepovers - to hear all the giggling and noise - it was a wonderful time