Monday, October 18, 2010

Why... (swear words in this post)

Why the Hell bother? I drop number one son off at school, my other three rode to school today... I go to the shop, buy a couple of things... walk out to my car.. and a kid no older than 14yrs rides up to the shop on an off road motor bike. No helmet, board shorts, a singlet (mind you we have had snow here the past few days) and a white cap. "Where is your helmet?" I ask him. "Don't need one". "Where is your protective gear?" "Don't need it". "I just finished working nights on a trauma unit looking after kids your age who are wearing nappies, have a tracheostomy to breath through, a tube into their stomach for nutrition and are basicaly brain dead.. all because of making bad choices. "I don't give a fuck" is what he said.. and he rode off. I called the cops... not much they can do unless the catch him. He came back near the shop, riding on the road.. victory.. they got him.
All I hope is that I do not live to see the day my kids do shit like this... or, that any of us have the mis fortune to run into someone while we are driving our registered, licensed vehicles on the road. I don't think I could handle the pain. As I said to the police officer on the phone, "I do not want to see another family go through what I see at work". He agreed... but, I am sure to experience it again. You cannot help dumb!
And, in NEWS today.. another ridiculous thing... THIS. You better believe it.


Stace said...

Argh! The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. Everyone seems to have this attitude that "bad things won't happen to ME, they happen on the news!" but nobody seems to realise that the people in the news thought the same thing of themselves! And with more and more accidents and fatalities being reported all the time, you'd think people would wise up and realise these things DO happen to real people just like them.

I always feel sorry for the people who have to deal with that shit - nurses like yourself, police like Aidan - the people who have to clean up the brains and the blood from people just being stupid.

I'm beginning to feel that I want to retire from humanity and go off and be a hermit - where none of this will bother me and I won't have to deal with other people! haha

FoxyMoron said...

Good on you for saying something and DOING something. So many wouldn't bother.

None of the kids around here wear helmets and the police don't appear to give a sh*t.

And why wasn't this kid at school?

karisma said...

We have the same problem around here, kids on the road and in the bush in shorts on their bikes. If only they could see the results of their stupidity. One kid did have an accident a couple of years back he had all the gear on and was still critically injured. He did however have the accident in the bush with no-one finding him straight away. A couple of 12 year olds had the pleasure and were quite traumatized.

He would have had no hope if he did not have the gear on.

Donn Coppens said...

There is no cure for dumb. Unfortunately you see what most don't want to know..
the "it happens to other people but not me" crowd.

When I was a kid, you just didn't lip off to another (ordinary respect deserving) adult or you might get a cuff in the head. Now these little bastards will have their lawyer on speed dial and you're a monster.

I often wonder if I'm just getting old, but this next generation is in for some very hard lessons if they don't abandon this world owes ME a favour attitude.

BwcaBrownie said...

Theorists call it Natural Selection - dumb people doing dumb stuff DIE and are removed from the gene pool.
Rest of us just pray they don't take other people with them.

Brat should have been charged with Using Obscene Language In A Public Place and given a $1000 fine.
If I had told any grown woman to eff off when I was 14 I would have been thrashed senseless just for starters.
(actually I had never heard the word when I was 14 - the world has changed a lot).
Hope you are OK now dear Cazzie.

Mom said...

Stupidity and rudeness seem to be a world wide epidemic

Ginnie said...

I can feel and identify with your frustration, Cazzie. I was never a nurse but worked for 23 years in an ER and we saw everything...but the saddest by far were the poor hapless victims of stupid people like your boy who didn't "give a f--k". They think they are indestructible and don't care a fig about the rest of us.

Middle Child said...

If only all parents considered themselves responsible for all children what a world it might be