Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Sarah is home from school for today with the croup. She does not mind missing a day of school today.. that is because she is keeping my Mia company... Mia has an ear infection. Poor little thing, I had one a few weeks back and I pity her when she gets upset. Painful buggers!
Our vegetable garden has started providing us with some lovely broccoli. It beats the supermarket broccoli hands down. So yummy. The Snow Peas are also lovely to eat, and the cos lettuces are so crisp and green.. I cannot wait for the tomato plants to produce umpteen kilos of the red juicy fruits.
Tomas represented his High School in athletics at Aberfeldie Park yesterday. He came second in the one hundred meter race and third in the javelin contest. I am so proud of him.
I guess everyone knows about the floods in Victoria by now. Mother nature showing us her sheer force. The Aboriginal Elders predicted the drought would break in this manner this very year. Maybe the Bureau of Meteorology ought to listen to them..and learn from them too. How did they know? Simple, they said when the kangaroos begin breeding again that is when the drought would break..because they do not reproduce if there is not enough water to sustain their mob. Also, generation to generation, of story telling tells them of the weather patterns. There is much to learn from our Elders.
No Prime Minister yet here in Australia... does anyone care really anymore? I think they all need a good kick up the behind myself.. nuff said, lol


karisma said...

Poor Mia, I hope she heals quickly! (a couple of home rememdies...a lot of my friends believe in sticking a garlic clove in the ear for earache...we have tried it and while it does cure the ear it hurts a little (burns) I recommend a little warm olive oil on a cotton ball. (leave it in as it cleans and supports at the same time).

Keep the ear warm (she could wear a beanie) but me being me, and this works for me.. put one hand on her forehead and one over her ear while you hug her for a bit...normal mummy/baby time but exchanging a little warm energy for healing and of course feeling how much you love her :-).

I have many herbal concoctions too but kids hate them. If you can get it down her 3 cups of warm chamomile tea a day, laced with honey will see her well very quickly! Natural anti-biotic wihtout killing the good germs! :-) (I have ONE stubborn madam who hates the stuff but most kids don't mind that one, its sweet and fine to add a little milk if they need it). My stubborn lovely has just spent two weeks on strong medicine and now inner health to get her "good" bacteria back!

Ear aches are the worst! :-(

Hope she gets well quickly! Hugs xoxox

Mom said...

Wise elders should always be listened to.

Ginnie said...

I thought the part about the Aboriginal Elders very interesting. I have always been fascinated with their history.
Also...your snow peas look yummy. I was at a posh restaurant last week and they brought out a plate with only snow peas on it. They had been steamed and lightly salted and were delicious.

Middle Child said...

A lot of the old time farmers also know this stuff - but as with the aboriginals the "experts" do not listen