Friday, August 27, 2010

Politics and Drugs

I keep on going to post something on my blog and yet things have been so busy this last few weeks. There is so much to say, so little time. The election here in Australia has driven me crazy. It would seem I am not on my own there. I have been speaking to my patients and they have all concurred that this has been the most trying election in a very long time. We need someone with balls up there... and it does not matter if it is a woman or not.. they still have to have some balls!
My boys back the Tigers in AFL. In the news there has been so much coverage about Ben Cousins that it is driving me nuts... yeah... I could soon end up in a nut house! For those who do not know, Ben Cousins is an awesome football player with a drug addiction and people have been putting their head in the sand for way too long and letting this great looking guy keep on playing football, and keep on giving him awards making it all look wonderful. Now he released a documentary all about him and his family and his life of drugs. It is dis heartening to me to watch this story come to light. The people I have been in contact with over my nursing career have a less than glamorous life and are in dire trouble health wise all because of drugs. Not to mention the fundamental breakdown of family and close friends. A whole community is affected.
What needs to be shown is not the outside of the person on the documentary, which is a great looking young guy who looks amazingly fit.. but the organs inside of him and what has been affected... and also other people's scans down the track 10 years or so.. to show the affects drugs have on the body. As I tell my kids, drugs kill you..end of story. I hope it is enough.


FoxyMoron said...

I agree with everything you said Cazzie. Election nonsense is sooo frustrating. The Ben Cousins thing is just insulting to the intelligence. Why even give him air time when there are plenty of other things they could have aired.
Glad my kids aren't interested in footy.

Jayne said...

The only good thing to come out of the Ben Cousins doco is that everyone is talking about the drug problem and the fact the doco did not cover the reality of the effects of drugs - the message might have been missed by the doco but any kid with ears big enough to earwig on mum and dad would have caught on that it's a huge problem and certainly not something to be glamourised by footy players.

Andrew said...

Cazzie, having watched the two programs, do you really think he is a drug addict or just a binge party user? I think his self description of being an addict is giving himself an easy excuse. Addiction is a health problem, as you describe. While he places himself at risk when he is under the influence of drugs, as many of us have when we have just had too much to drink, and we might not learn our lesson and do it again, is he really and addict?

Mom said...

Politics world wide seems to have become an ugly mess - most discouraging.
I have never understood why we seem to glorify drug use and then condemn it at the same time. once a person is hooked the devil rides everywhere with them

Ginnie said...

Politics can be so frustrating. I hope you get a candidate with "balls", female or not !

rosemary said...

seems we have continued to have political upheaval for years and years now....and i think it will only get worse. I agree with your analysis of a drug uses....the inside speaks volumes.