Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The past few weeks have been very hectic. In between doing the usual things about the house and working nights or afternoons, hubby and I also have to work around the kids' routines as well. But, of late, the kids have their own little routines apart from school. They do not choose to join any clubs or anything like that. They prefer to play with their friends who live local to us, and they sleep at their friends' houses and their friends sleep at ours.
Now that they are older, the children are becoming ever so independent. Tom basically does his own thing, and it is nice when he sits close to me or kisses me very quickly before he goes anywhere. Nick loves his hugs and he loves to share jokes with everyone... he is a "tricker" too.. mysteriously vanishing coins from one hand to the other... the girls are always impressed :) He has his sights set on target 1000, which means he is earning dollars from us when he does some odd jobs and then when he reaches a grand he will purchase his own computer.
Sarah is the kind and gentle girl, she is very creative and thoughtful. She just told me tonight she hopes to be a hairdresser when she grows up. That was News to me, and hey, if that is what she wants to do and she is happy, then I am all for it :) Sarah spoke to me about this while we were sewing up her jeans that had a rip in them.
Mia, well, Mia is just growing up every day. She is so independent and knows exactly what it is she wants to do at any time. Mia makes us all laugh so much with the things she comes out with. Before I left for work she read a book to me. She tells me it is a grade 3 level book. I said to her " Mia, you are in grade 1, why are you picking hard books?" Mia turns around and says , ":Because I am smart and I can do it".
Well, you know what? Mia did read it, and very well I might add. The "You Can Do It" slogan at school sure is working here.


FoxyMoron said...

What great kids you have! A credit to you both. Good for Mia for reading grade 3 books! Books are so good for kids, I really think that reading helps with their overall education, not just the English subjects. I wish I could get my youngest two to read more. I was one of those kids who always had a book in her hand and my Kate was the same, didn't rub off onto the ferals though.
Hope it's not as wet down there as it is here.

Jayne said...

You and your hubby have lovely kids to be proud of :)

Ginnie said...

Isn't is interesting how the children are all brought up the same way and yet they are so different?
Yo have a lovely family.

Middle Child said...

I was the trickster in our family - the middle child - its lovely to see all the different personalilties that come out from the same parents and upbringing

rosemary said...

the differences in your kids will make for a lively future. Mia....sounds like she knows herself quite well!