Monday, March 15, 2010

This morning I sat there braiding Sarah's hair before school and watching some NEWS on the telly. First story was about a storm whooping it up overseas. second story guessed it..abour LARA bloody BINGLE! So over that one! Next story was more important and it was about the cost of electricity to householders. Priority stories huh!
Yesterday I worked a morning shift. When I finished I jumped on a tram from the corner of Grattan Street and Royal Parade. Took the tram down along Elizabeth Street to meet hubby who was working in the CBD. Alighted just after the Bourke Street Mall. Walked along with loads of aimless people. Aimless, yeah, I mean, they walked any which way they wanted to. Some on mobile phones talking loudly as if we would care to listen. Walking past an liquor shop there were two guys holding open cans in their hands and they were approaching passers by and asking for money. They kicked a guy who looked like a Swedish backpacker, in the back of his legs. He did not fall..but he almost did. It was scary..this was at 3pm, broad daylight. What feral people are out there.
It was such a gorgeous afternoon. I was so glad that hubby and I got home by 4pm and could spend the day, safely, in our own yard with our kids. Even now, the Sun is shining and the World seems good, at least in my own abode. What sayeth youse?


Andrew said...

It raises the question, what can be done about such anti social behaviour? People like that have no fear with good reason. There are no police around. What you saw was a physical assault. Perhaps a cop on every corner is not practical, but couple in each of our major streets is not unrealistic. They should be charged and punished and word would quickly get around to others that such behaviour is not acceptable. We should not have to lock ourselves into our own space just to feel safe.

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, I do agree. It was astonishing to me that it happened at such a time of day. Working in the emergency dept ,as I do, I am no stranger to what does occur out there, only that it seemed to only truly happen at night. I nurse the unfortunate victims then.
What was more unreal to me was the fact that no one else took a second glance, perhaps they were too scared?
Police on every corner would certainly only be a dream, that is for sure.
I have no answers right now.

Jayne said...

I agree, employ more coppers and give them real powers to arrest and charge with judges ultimately underlining the message of zero tolerance by giving a realistic punishment.

Mom said...

I've never heard of Lara Bingle. have I missed anything?
There are some very scary people out there. I am grateful for all the good folks who make the world a better place.I don't know what to do about the others.

Middle Child said...

Its scary to see that... I mean the difference between just assaulting the other man and killing him is if he falls and hits his head - they couldn't care less the bastards...home feels pretty good at times