Monday, March 01, 2010

Goodness out there somewhere!

The kids found a credit card yesterday while they were out on a bike ride. They handed it to me and I took it to the Police Station just before I left our home town for work. The Police Officer said she would do her best to locate the owner of the card. She told me to tell the kids that they had done something great! And so I called home just before I drove on in to work to let them know what a great thing they had done. The are proud.
Once before, Tom and I found a wallet of an elderly man. He had dropped it out front of our local Shrine of Remembrance here in Werribee. It was full of cash and cards and stuff. The man was about to pay all his bills. He was so thrilled to get everything back. Tomas leaned back then that this was the right thing to do.
When I was 16 I lost my wallet, a Boy George Velcro one, with about 5 dollars in it. I was very lucky to receive it all in one piece the next week, Someone had handed it to the Police in Traralgon and it had been sent to the Werribee Police Station and delivered to my door.
There are wonderful people out there. I try to remember this when I am seeing some real shit things in the Emergency Department. Time to sleep now people. I love my colleagues with all my heart and I hope they sleep well today after our hard shift.


Andrew said...

Boy George velcro wallet, hahaha.

Jayne said...

Oh, lordy, you just reminded me of the velcro wallet I had with pegasus on it lol.

BwcaBrownie said...

Yes you are right about people, the kids are Legend, and I hope you still have the Boy George wallet > eBay $$$

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Well done!!!

I accidentally dropped my wallet in the street about c. 2 years ago. Within c.15 minutes, a guy was knocking on my front door telling me he'd just handed it in to the local police station! All was wholly intact!

The joys of living in country town, I guess. But yes, there ARE a few good people left out there!

Good on your children! wOOt!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, do not laugh, my best friend at the time had a Michael Jackson velcro wallet, lol.

Jayne, haha, I remember those too, they sold them at the Laverton market :)

Brownie, I wish I had it still! But that is a no :(

Mal, yeah, country life is great isn't it? I loved growing up in the country :)

Mom said...

Thanks for reminding us that simple goodness and kindness is still a common experience.

Steph said...

You're such a good mummy!

Middle Child said...

Don spotted a wallet on the road once when we were driving in Port Macquarie...I pulled over and we looked inside - full of cash and also a bit of dope (marijuana)...only a little bit. We removed the marijuana and then took it to the police station. The poor guy must have been sweating when he retrieved his wallet...he and his family were moving to Bathurst to start a new job and life...and that was all their money. he came around to see us and wanted to reward us - but we were happy to know he was going to be okay...and yes we gave him back his little rollie... we were young once too