Monday, January 18, 2010

Look At This...

THIS is what I am talking about, senseless loss of life.
It is not un believable to me that accidents, high speed and killer accidents, happen..still. I have looked after many a road trauma victim whether they be the driver, the occupant of the speeding car or the unfortunate person who was minding their own business, crossing the road or driving home from work. What pisses me off, is when I see this again and again and again. Nothing will deter these kids from speeding, nothing will deter the drunken, drug fu*ked idiots from causing accidents. When they come to the hospital, they sometimes have to go to ICU. Out front of ICU there are hoards of "friends" there waiting to go in and visit. The vision of their friend in such a critical way is upsetting to these visitors...but it does not always deter them from later on, joking with their injured friend. "Oh man, that was so cool how you spun, and how you almost did a 360..way to go!" Yeah, right... now they are having to supplement the normal dietary intake with baby food consistency through a straw for about 6 weeks secondary to their jaw being wired... good friend you are! Friends like that are no friends at all. Oh, and by the way, that person has to write on a white board to communicate with people too..okay.
I would love to see these hoons who are caught, prior to any accident happening, have their car crushed in front of them. I would gladly push the button. Bloody hell, it is a privilege not a right to drive on the roads!
Just to let you all know, not 24 hours after the accident occurred, more hoons were clocked on the radar doing double the speed limit in that area.... see, they will not learn will they?
The emergency services are getting fed up, how much more plainly can it be put? Why should we tour young drivers through a trauma ward and show them what happens to the human body in an accdent if it is not a deterrant? Why broach the privacy of the trauma victims by showing these kids..supposed young adults, what a trauma victim goes through?


Jayne said...

Take 'em to the morgue to look at the end result then make them meet the parents of the dead they've just seen.
Made me shake my head in disgust when I heard about those 3 who were caught speeding this morning, total dickheads.

Andrew said...

I am with you Cazzie. Say 20 km/h over a limit, crush their cars. Nothing else seems to work. Or at least impound the car for a decent period. Impounding for one day or over weekend is pointless and probably something to brag about.

Raelene said...

I love the idea of their cars being crushed, but it's not a big enough deterrent - they can buy another, steal another, or borrow Mum's.
Thing that scares me is my 13yo will be learning to drive in a couple years, and it's not necessarily her bad driving, there are so many idiots out there. It's just frightening.

Mom said...

Kids think they are immortal and do such stupid stuff. They should never be allowed near a car again after such reckless behavior.

butterflies said...

The sad thing is..we all make mistakes.Some of us bigger ones than others.
That stupid boy driving has affected so many lives by making one grievious judgment in error.
More education is definately the key..

karisma said...

What scares me really is that its not always kids. A lot of adults get behind the wheel drunk and drive. A lot of people speed too. Scary! People need to learn not only to slow down but to follow the rules and use their indicators too. So many people do not.

Middle Child said...

I agree with you - having had my dad killed by an old drunk driver.

I have trouble when people say tahe them to the morgues and tour the hospitals - having had too many relatives killed horribly i would not want these mongrels looking at my dead father or a severely injured relative. I saw the effect on my niece this year when days after her dad a bus driver was killed driving his bus...they showed the smashed up part of the bus he was sitting in , unexpectedly on TV - she had been holding it together till then as we had hidden any newspapers we could find. She (aged 24) just started screaming and was horrible.

Something is needed but not at the cost to the victims and their relatives. Family permission must be given before anyone can view anyone as far as i am concerned.

Crush their cars certainly! that would hurt them much more than a trip to the morgue which would not really touch them as far as I can tell.

Cazzie!!! said...

Jayne, unreal with those speeding after the fact eh?

Andrew, brag about it they certainly would...after they'd cried like sooks at the time. Yeah... hard basket aye..who knows what it is we can do to drum it into those kids.

Raelene, worrying about others is exactly what I do when I drive... it is the, "wait for the light to go green, and look both ways before proceeding" that I do, just in case someone runs a red.

Mom, I agree, zero tolerance for sure.

Butterflies, I love your perspective, reading your comment made me step back a bit and think ..yeah, that silly boy sure did make an awful mess of those families. And now to hear he was something like 3 times the limit of alcohol...I could cry.

Karisma, so true, rules are there for a reason for sure hon.

Therese, I bet that was a horrble experience. I do remember once that the police went in with a family member to a patient and had to inform her that her only son had died secondary to a stabbing. Until then she thought he had run away from home, but it was not the case. We could hear her wail all the way downt he corridor with the door closed, I will never forget it. Bloody unreal.

Friggin said...

A man was also arrested after being 4x over the limit outside the funeral of one of the boys who died in the crash. He was in his 40's for goodness sakes.

Making a mistake is one thing, making a mistake in a friggin deadly missile is another thing.

Stop allowing these teenagers to buy powerful cars for starters. Ban all new drivers from driving for a year if they are caught breaking the law in the first year of receiving their licence. The only way to make them learn is tough love instead of parents continually justifying their precous snowflake's actions.

Yeah, kids make mistakes, but explain that to a family who have lost a loved one because of it. I am sick and tired of people not taking responsibility for their own actions and making excuses for their children. It is usually the same people who then turn around and blame, police, the state of the road, government when their hoon child dies.

We all only have one life use it wisely..... as she slinks quietly off her soapbox.....