Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am working night shift at the moment. So I will check up on blogs later on. After I have slept today.
My mouth is much better now, it has almost full healed where they extracted the wisdom tooth and everything.
I am a bit sad that School Holiday time is almost at an end. The kids cannot wait to get back and see their friends...and Tomas will make new ones at High School this year, how exciting!
I feel old!


Mom said...

The only thing more exciting than high school is being the mother of a high school student.

Jayne said...

Those hols always seemed to fly past, even when we had the 3 terms and longer Xmess holidays way back when lol.
Glad your mouth is almost healed :)

Middle Child said...

Its so good when i hear a mother actually say she is sad the holidays are over - I loved having the girls at home and just being us...think how good your mouth will feel when its all better