Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After Christmas I worked for quite a few days in a row. It was a very busy time at work. It still is, with the extreme heat we have been experiencing here thislast few days in paticular. So, after a nine day period of hubby and I working, we took off to The Grampians for five days. It was nice to get away from the city. The Grampians was gorgeous as usual. On our last day there it was very hot. We swam in Bellfield Lake Reservoir. We met some lovely people camping near us...and we encountered a couple of idiots who lit their camp fire and did not extinguish it before going to bed... the other couple did not extinguish theirs even when they left their camp site! The ranger came through to chat to everyone, we told him of the silly fools. As he sai, "It has taken us four years of hard work to get The Grampians nice again after the last fire".
The night before we left The Grampians, I had a painful gum. We got home and I had scheduled to work in the Emergency Dept for a morning shift. All night I had a sore mouth, but it was too late to cancel my morning shift. So I went in to work on a 44 degree celcius day... we were hammered. After work I walked up two blocks to the Royal Dental Hospital. I waited for 5 hours to be seen..usual waiting time in an emergency dept of that size and staffing level. The reception ladies were lovely. I got in to see the dentist and they took an Xray..well two actually, because my back right wisdom was very hard to get an Xray of. Then the dentist proceeded to extract my tooth. It cracked like an eggshell.. and after 4omins, I have half a wisdom tooth left. They could not remove it they said. I left with 3 panadeine tablets, and $95 less in my purse....and half a wisdom tooth still in my gum.
This morning I went to a local clinic. They wanted to Xray me again, a full Xray this time, and upon examination they said they would refer me to an Oral Surgeon... so, this coming Friday that is where I will be. But, this time it will be removed for good. Oh, and this mornings clinic prescribed me with antibiotics and stronger analgesia than just panadeine..thankyou :)
See, the wisdom tooth had not fully exposed, and when opening the mouth to clean the teeth the cheek skin covers the little hole that exposed some of that tooth and I was not able to ever clean it properly, well, even the dentist said I would not have known about it being exposed at all as it was hard enough for her to see it without pulling back my cheek. Surprising enough it was not picked up five months ago when I had my teeth checked up and cleaned... hmmm.
Anyway, I think I have been a patient patient...and I do know what it is like to sit and wait in triage at an emergency department, so no one can tell me other wise.
Hope you are all staying cool from the heat...and warm from the cold, if you live on the other side of the globe :)


Mom said...

Sounds like you really are putting your money where your mouth is.
Our part of the world is still very cold. I am looking forward to warm weather again some day.

Middle Child said...

Dentists garrgh! I have the longest tooth roots...and every dentist trip is a nightmare of infection and buggering up - I expect it now - I sure hope yours gets sorted out sooner rather than later...

Jayne said...

OUCH, Cazzie!
Hope it's sorted soon and you're back to smiling happily again ;)

Cazzie!!! said...

Mom, ouch, don't make me laugh, it hurst! Hehe.

Therese, it seems we are very similar in the tooth root dept. I am on double anti's and some pain killers now.. I hope it works out too :)

Jayne, thanks heaps, me too

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

it must be the time of year for teeth to go bezerk without warning... twas my turn a year ago! i hope things get sorted quickly for you... and hopefully you are able to keep out of the worst of this current hot spell of weather as well.

Mal :)

rosemary said...

Yup...cold here and rainy. I had my wisdom teeth taken out all at once when I was 45. I was too old to do it all at once and was miserable....good thing it is only one tooth. You know to take all of the ABX I am sure.