Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tonight Tonight...

It is my High School Reunion tonight..and I will be taking lots of photos to share.
It is exciting because we were the first lot of students to attend our High School. We were also the first and last lot to complete our HSC because VCE came in for the year 11's (Form 5's)when we were in Year 12 (Year 6).
The orientation for our High School when we were in Grade 6 at Primary School was, "Here is the paddock where your school will be biult by next January". Ponting to where the gymnasium will be and other buildings. When we began High School in the January of 1983 I remember the assembly was on a small bit of ashphalt and there were alot of portable class rooms dotted around the site where the gymnasium was/is. When Winter came that year it was a quagmire because of the building sites and the dirt... of course the rain made it very muddy.
We were lucky not to have any older students to worry about bullying us. We, the students, did try many times to have lockers installed for our heavily book laden ags. This was knocked back because they-who-were-in-charge said they encouraged "fighting and vermen".
would like to thank those who were in charge right now..because my right shoulder gives me grief everysingle night, and every single time I hang out the washing. Those biology and chemistry books were very heavy, not to mention the maths books..and you had to carry all of the text books around all day in your bag from class to class. It was only in later years that backpacks were found to benefit student's backs and then of course shoulders if placed correclty so.
One thing I want to say is that when we wereinYear 7 we were all so little. When I look at my Tomas who will be year 7 next year, he is so tall! So are his mates.. and I wonder if the kids of today are so big now because of dietary intake..preservatives in chicken and whatever else.. thoughts anyone?
Anyway... I also want to say that we did have some fantastic teaching staff at our High School. You know, sometimes you only have yourself to thank for the things you have retained through education..because if you want to learn you will learn and if you don't then well, you can only blame yourself.
oming from public school education and then going to University it never ceased to amaze me when a posh group of girls would bag the crappola out of Footscray Campus of Victoria University, "Because they were from the Eastern 'burbs and were schooled in Private schools". I had enough one day and said, "Excuse me, then why pray-tell, do you travel all this way over to The West and attend this University? Not good enough marks to attend an Eastern 'burbs University girls?" Thank God I haven't had to work with these girls, that is if they passed the Degree of Health Sciences in Nursing! I think they would not be much chop as nurses.
Anyway, stay posted as I will show pics from the reunion.. I'm excited :)


FoxyMoron said...

What fun Cazzie, can't wait to see the pictures.

Nice story about your school too.

rosemary said...

I hope you have/had a great time. I went to all but one of my reunions....won't go to another.

Ginnie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing those pictures. Do you have some that you can show of when you were in school too? It would be fun to compare the "then" and "now".

BwcaBrownie said...

My government secondary school disciplined us if we were seen off the school grounds without our hats and gloves. Locals were happy to report us too. The good old days.
When my level got to Year 12, the Heads announced they would choose the Prefects and House Captains from Year 11 because we (the gloved ones) were not sufficiently consciencious. 1965 folks.
I hope your reunion was a good night and can't wait to hear how it went. Was it organised by a high achiever?

Jayne said...

Saw your pic last night, you looked gorgeous, Cazzie, can't wait to see the rest, hope all the manky girls were wrinkled and blousy :P :)

butterflies said...

Ive never been to a high school reunion...they were not happy yrs for me..
BUT I hope yours was great and Im looking forward to seeing the pics:)

karisma said...

Cool! I hope you had fun? My old primary school is having a reunion soon but Im not sure if I can go. I was invited to their 75th anniversary a couple of weeks back but missed it as I had just had the surgery and was not up to the travel. I would love a high school reunion though. How great to catch up with old friends and see where life has taken them.

Coffespaz said...

Very cool! I hope you had a wonderful time.

Thanks for your post...I didn't delete it, you weren't rambling! It has merit, I'll have to do some thinking. :-)

G-Man said...

Jeeze, I got SOCKS older than you!!

Melly` said...

Some people we remember instantly and others not.. but it is fun hey?