Monday, September 14, 2009

Parent Teacher Interviews

Well, I have been to Nick, Sarah and Mia's PT interviews. They have all done very well at school this term. Reading and writing skills..check... Nick stood up and gave us a Power Point presentation that he had been working on for 3 weeks or so. It was very informative and he was pleased to be able to use the touch screen board they have in the classroom.
Tomas had J Rock practice after school. It is getting very exciting leading up to the grand final this Friday. I plan to make some great posters for the event.
Today's ride was uneventful, no silly people undertaking us and falling over right in front of us. There were a few dogs of their leads, but they too were well behaved. Plenty of ducks and some ducklings on the river, it was nice when the Sun snuck out from beneath the clouds.
I am waiting for my cousin to have her was due last Wednesday. I did offer to take her four wheel driving in the pathfinder..she declined, I wonder why..haha.


Raelene said...

I get told tonight that the PT interviews are tomorrow night. No note from the teacher weeks ago with the option of time windows, no list of subjects where eldest has gotten the teacher to book time in. Hmmm.... But now she's offering to get the info to me via her diary. I smell a rat!! :)
Good that yours got good reviews! Well done and lollipops for all!

Andrew said...

Gyno Cazzie, bringing on the delivery with her own methods.

Mom said...

I think 4 wheeling is an excellent idea.

FoxyMoron said...

Going a bit fast over the speed humps is said to work as well. Remember the old castor oil and orange juice? I actually did that with Katy and voila, next morning it was off to the hospital.

Hillbilly Mom said...

My labor started after bouncing through the fields of my grandma's Christmas tree farm in a GMC pickup truck. My husband said he was driving carefully, but it felt like he was killing me with every bump. We had picked out our tree by 6:00 p.m., and at 9:24 the next morning, we had our son.

Betty said...

My mother-in-law took me for a ride over a very bumpy dirt road, through a brush fire (we didn't know about it until we were in it), all because I was a couple of days late with my first child. I gave birth to my daughter a couple of days later.

Cazzie!!! said... know what..I had other parents saying that to me yesterday.."Is today the PT interviews?" they asked. So I got out my notes time and time again from my pocket to check that I was not the one buggering up the dates. Sure enough I was right for once.
Tom's interview is tomorrow.

Andrew, haha, yes, anything to see the baby come sooner..but I should think of my cousin and her comfort too right? :)

Mom, come with me sometime?

Foxy, I tried the castor oil with Sarah, as my Mum had done with all of us. It just gave me the shits, yikes, lol :(

HBM, unreal story ..and yet I know it to be true. A christmas tree farm? Cool as.

Betty, another amazing story with bush fires and!

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Our P/T interviews are next week... I'm wholly pissed-off that they forgot to tell me about them. I found out 3rd-hand!

Middle Child said...

Beats Don's mother getting me to pull out fence posts to hurry up Alison who wasn't overdue at all -the doctor was out by about 3 weeks - he wanted to use castor oil as well because she wanted to go back home and I was holding her up -