Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A lovely day..

Today started off pretty good. I dropped the kids off at school. Went into the school office, they had lost the immunisation documents for two of my children. So I took the originals in for all four of my children and gave them over to the office ladies to copy. If there is some outbreak of some bug at the school then they send home all the kids that have no immunisation details on file. I am not that silly!
Then I went to my dental appointment. The new dentist is a lovely girl, she has just moved here recently from Brisbane.."Why ARE you in chilly Melbourne?" I asked her. She laughed.
The verdict after some Xrays is that I need to have my wisdom teeth out. Damnation, yukko! Will I loose my wisdom? That is the question.
I then went to my friend's house. We went for our bike ride to the Post Office so she could pay her car registration. I made a joke about us riding our bicycles to pay her car rego, LOL. We do ride all over the place. Last week, she had to start up her engine to "give it a run" because she rides everywhere now. People often ask us what is wrong with our cars. We have even had people ask us if we want a lift when we are clearly walking for exercise, HA!
The only crappy thing was the fact that people let their dogs poo all over the footpath in areas. And well, that "Sh%ts"me! Then there was broken glass, right on the footpath. Stupid people do it deliberately I reckon.
We had soup for lunch and had a good old yakk over a cup of coffee. Soon enough it was time to get the kids from school again. They have all had a great day today. The Sun was shining nice and hot. Perhaps I ought to pack the kids' hats in their school bags to keep the Sun off their pale faces at lunch time? Next term is the term they have to wear hats every day.
As Andrew said in his blog somewhere, the Sun has a bite to it at the moment. I will wear some sunscreen when I bike ride next.
Off to help the children with their homework now, maths month at their school means lots of fun activities at home for homework..a team effort is needed :)


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Glad u survived ur 'dental experience' OK! I appreciate the joys of wisdom teeth removal... you'll be right! If I can survive it, anyone can ;)

Glad ur able to spend some 'adult/grown-up' time with a girlfriend, and get some riding in this gloriously mid-winters' sunshine. Enjoy :)

G-Man said...

Do you wear a helmet?

FoxyMoron said...

Just what I needed to read tonight (well this morning) someone having a good day. And your wisdom won't be removed, trust me. I still have my wisdom teeth and look at me!! LOL

Cazzie!!! said...

Mal, thanks for the encouragement mate..yeah, I DO remember you and your trials of going through that painful preiod of time pior to removal of those teth!
It is nice mid-winter's sunshine for sure!

Galen, yes, we are required by law to wear a helmet. Util recentl I was wearing one that I had made myself. 20yrs ago..and more, I used to work in a bicycle helmet factory putting them together on an assembly line. Nowadays that business is overseas..cheaper manufacturing costs.

Foxy, lol, look, I am sure your day will be a good one :)

Keshi said...

Along with the lovely day, ur new profile pic looks soooo very lovely! u r glowing Caz.

I will drop by my fav ppl's blogs from time to time...and ur's tops the list Caz!


Jayne said...

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride yesterday!
Was walking from Mordy to Hampton and could see the Westgate Bridge as clear as anything, so we waved in your direction lol...don't think you saw us, though :P

Cazzie!!! said...

Keshi, muah, I am pleased you noticed, I feel good too!!

Jayne, that would have been an awesome walk! I drove out that way the other week to drop off a letterbox I had sold on Ebay to a guy who comes from Chelsea. Here we had no rain, but by the time I got out there it was raining cats and dogs! I met him at The Mordialloc boat area...I love it out there.

Ginnie said...

I agree...your new picture is great, and keep up the bicycling. It will help on so many levels.

Jayne said...

Forgot to say I like your updated photo, too :)

Middle Child said...

Its so good when someone actually expresses happiness for just having a good day.

Re sun...many Australians are vitamin D deficient with all the problems that brings such as a predisposition towards developing Cancers - Its good to get some sun on us every day (hard in melbourne) especially our eyes...when I was a kid we got way too much, but nowdays most aren't getting anywhere near enough...
oh and as a sunscreen try and find the clear zinc ones from the chemist...the normal sunscreens are loaded up with toxic cancer causing chemicals which the clear zinc ones don't have...clear zinc ones offer SPF 30+ and last 4hrs.
Just thought you'd like to know