Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Master Chef.

Husband made these Dutch oiliebollen's tonight. His Opa used to make them and we soon discovered something was missing when we have made them before..the secret missing ingredient...Rum!


Andrew said...

I know oiliebollen. My parents had Dutch friends and they used to make them. Were they normally for a special holiday or something? I am sure they are bad for you but very very nice.

karisma said...

Well they sure looks yummy! Have one for me will you?

Hey my little sister ran away down your way! We miss her too much! Its only been a week! LOL! She moved somewhere right near the city across the road from some big park that has a fort! Do you know it? Looks like I will have to fly down there and check it out soon, just to see she is safe and all!!!!

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Red rum! red rum! hahahaa

Mom said...

sounds like a vital ingredient was forgotten

Donn said...

Remember what Captain Quint said in JAWS?
"RUM ain't drinkin',
it's survivin'!"

Friggin said...

When I lived in Belgium we use to visit friends in Amsterdam who made them with Rum 80. 80% proof!

FoxyMoron said...

But what are they and what's in them apart from rum? I'll have to go googling.

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, they are traditional for New Years I believe. Hubbie's Opa used to make them for days out back prior to New Years Eve. Norty and nice, yes you are right!

Karisma, I had 3 last night :(
Maybe your sister lives across from Albert PArk Lake or something? That or near to Victoria Barracks in St Kilda road which is a real life fort!

Mal, Coruba Rum is it, lol.

Mom, it sure was initialy.

Donn, hahahaha, yeah!

Friggin, cool as!

Foxy, we followed a recipe that is called "Mother's Olliebollen Recipe", used the site added in some granny smith apples and used extra virgin olive oil (Morro) instead of sunflower oil. Have fun making them with the kids :)

Middle Child said...

How could he leave out the rum