Monday, June 01, 2009

Precious Life...

Not everything goes as we wish it to, not as planned, yet if we do not give life a go, if we cannot be giving, yet humble, strong yet ever the meek, we just will not have lived.
What have you done lately for yourSELF? One small thing a day is all you need to do..and don't say you haven't the time to do whatever it is... NOW is the time .. no time like the now :)
Well, I have to remember this fact myself you know, and I make no excuses.. I am a busy Mum, and a busy wife and a busy nurse.
I am blessed to be in the job I am in. Sure, I worked my backside off to get here, and I work it off when I am at work..and yet, if I won the lotto I would still want to do what it is I love. Despite they way I am treated by some patients and some relatives. Yes, despite all of that. Yet it is the absolute positives I have been privileged to receive from patients, relatives and colleagues that also keep me going. The other thing is, I do not know any other job that allows me to either be there at the beginning of a life and at the very end of life (well, this life as we know it). A nurse is that person.
I discussed this with a lovely man who was at bedside vigil of his lovely wife for two nights.We agreed that it is a tough job, yet a privileged job also. You cannot get to this point through luck, it is kind of earned. We also concurred that a person makes a choice as to if they die alone or with someone at their bedside, and also, whom they will be with at the end. That is if it is not a trauma or something.
We two were chosen, and it is a moment that never leaves you... we were sad yet relieved at the same time. You do not realise how much you can learn about a person in two nights as I did.


G-Man said...

Like I always say...Angel of Mercy!

Cazzie...You are an Angel to us all!

Mom said...

I always loved being a nurse. Like you I considered it a privilege to share in those very holy moments of life.

Cazzie!!! said...

G Man, it makes me smile to read that :)

Mom, it sure is that, a Holy moment :)

FoxyMoron said...

Thank God for you Cazzie, and all those wonderful women and men who choose nursing as a profession....or a calling.

Keshi said...

Caz I cried reading this!

**The other thing is, I do not know any other job that allows me to either be there at the beginning of a life and at the very end of life (well, this life as we know it).

Wonderfully put!

I guess being a nurse gives a great insight into life and death like no other job can! U r a lucky woman and at the same time, a very GIFTED one.

*HUGZ* I love ur compassionate spirit!


Ginnie said...

Attitude is everything, Cassie, and yours is wonderful. I wonder if your patients know how lucky they are to have you???

rosemary said...

i think my only saving grace into heaven will be that I was a good I take that back....I was a great nurse.

Cazzie!!! said...

Foxy, thanks so much it means alot coming from a nice lady like you :)

Keshi, it is your spirit that keeps me hooked on your blog and I think we are kinda like sisters in a way!

Ginnie, I am lucky to have met you and be able to read all your fabulous true stories :)

Rosemary, I have no doubt that it is true, and yes, you are a marvellous person too :)

Middle Child said...

Thats so beautiful Cazzie...I remember one doctor in RNSH who actually touched Don on his shoulder, looked him in the eye and gave his shoulder a small squeeze. There were tears in Don's eyes, tears in mine and also in the doctors. his actions abotu two days before dDon was sent home to die...are like finding a diamond on a garbage tip...there were some nurses like this as well...what you say is so true.

Gollywobbles said...

That was beautiful Cazzie. Wish there were more folks like you. My uncle passed away recently, after spending a month in the hospital, and having the caring nursing staff nearby made those difficult moments just a little easier to bear. A small act of kindness surely goes a long way. Hugs from America! Sam