Sunday, May 17, 2009

You Just Cannot Help Dumb!

What amazes me is that some people can be so stupid out there in the public. When you are being nursed after a trauma.... and you then LEAVE the hospital in the middle of the night.... BEFORE you even reach four hours post operative (post general anaesthetic).... and you rip out your Intravenous Access...and then I call you on your mobile to say it is imperative you return for pain killers and, oh, yes, those anti biotics (gosh)... only to hear STRIPPER music in the background and then you HANG UP on me.... I will not be happy!!!'
Yes, your Mum's number was your Next Of Kin, yes, of course as a duty of care I had to call her..and it was 5am! I am sure her call to you made all the difference, since you then presented to Triage an hour later.
I would understand it all, sort of, if you were intoxicated, but you were not.. it is a disgrace. Hospital beds are not a game board, they are also not really free..and my time is precious...oh did I mention I did not have a break for my 10 hour shift? It was taken up calling relevant people/s because of a selfish person.
Of course, I take positives from the shift, I always do, there were other lovely patients and just like anyone I nurse, even the you the absconder, I gave it my all to make them as comfortable as possible so they could have a rest overnight. Not expecting thankyou from anyone, yet I did get that, and I walked out into the freezing cold air with a smile..and slept like a baby today.
Now, my lovely family and I are about to have a roast for tea, yummm!! Off to work for another night shift in about 2 hours time.


Stace said...

I don't envy your job... caring for people who can't or won't care for themselves!

Andrew said...

That's the shot Cazzie. Get it off your chest.

Middle Child said...

You are one of the goodies Cazzie...and nurses like you are worth their weight in diamonds. It takes all sorts to make a world and as you say.."there were other lovely patients "