Monday, May 11, 2009

A Much Needed Day At Home..

I am soooo not used to being at home, yet today I need to rest my body... it is battling the flu and occasional bouts of asthma (which is quite scary). I know it will improve. The antibiotics which I tried my best not to have to commence, are now kicking in. I am also drinking yakult.. let's hope it works sooner than later. My blend of oils for this type of thing is eucalyptus, lavender and chamomile. They help immensely is too.
Nicholas' best mate from school has the most awesome Mum! Cherie has worked long and hard and now has this wonderful business that is now online. She makes Organic Skin Products from scratch. The business name ... LIP GUNK (TM)
Homemade, Aussie Made Products that are CHEMICAL FREE!!! They smell divine and you just wanna eat them up! Another great thing is, the products are trendy and apt for so many different gift occasions, even just to treat yourself..pamper yourself. Also, ALL ORDERS OVER $20.00 FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE..great value there!!

Go check it out.. I am sure you will be as pleased, and proud as I am for Cherie.


karisma said...

Oh no! Big hugs sweetie, Sending you virtual chicken soup!

My home remedy consists of equal parts of elder flower, peppermint and yarrow. Steeped in hot water for around 8 minutes, laced with honey and lemon. If you drink it before the flu actually kicks in, it kicks it in the butt pronto! Hope you feel better soon!

BTW: Honey and Chamomile are a natural antibiotic, keep them up.

Cazzie!!! said...

Karisma, ohhh yummy.... Chicken soup, I can almost taste it!
Thanks so much for the tips on the remedy..I shall put them into place too...and I will know to do it before the flu sets in next time aswell.
Ohh, I have chamomile tea and some nice Manuka Honey here, I will make some pronto.
Huggs Mummy Karisma :)

Beckie said...

Cazzie - thanks for the comment on my blog. We had a similar experience camping so your comment made me laugh!

Take care and feel better. I need to take note of Karisma's remedies.

Middle Child said...

ope you are improving....will have a look at that site...thanks -Yakult is good, but to really knock the damage from Antibiotics on the head...Inner health capsules (refridgerated - and get the 25billion ones...I take two daily because of the damage left from something i picked up from RNSH ...don took one daily because he so often needed antiobiotics...they shoud dispense antibiotics with the Inner health caps...if they were serious about health ... sorry its a pet thing of mine...garrrgh