Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cold Mornings, Warm Middays and Cooler Afternoons

Yep, It is now May. Cold mornings, lead to warmish Midday and the cold breeze infiltrates the Afternoons.
When my friend and I ride, we wear our coats for the morning, then when we have had lunch, we take off our coats and go for another ride. By the time we return back to her house after our second ride for the day, the breeze is starting to become very chilly.
Today we rode through the Wet Lands. A nice place with frogs and quite a few bird life. Jut a few months ago it could really have been named the Dry Lands..and now, with a little rain the usual wild life traffic has resumed. No one else was there today, so it was great.
Sometimes there are dogs off the lead who want to investigate our spokes! It is a bit risky then, especially since my friend suffered a broken wrist last year as a result of a bike incident.
Tomas went off to his Grade 6 camp today. I am sure he will have a great time. I got an early Mother's Day gift from him before he left... a tooth! Haha..can that boy loose any more teeth?? I called him "Shark Boy!"


karisma said...

It was quite hot here today! The weather is just crazy. We have had some cold, freezing and humid nights! I think mother nature can just not make up her mind!

G-Man said...

Cazz...May is my favorite month here. All foliage is blossoming, the days are getting longer, and Summer is in the air.
I'm riding my "bike" as well....

Mom said...

May is wonderful - spring, flowers, green returning to the land after a cold winter. Your wetlands sound beautiful. I always find it strange that our seasons are opposite of each other.

Ginnie said...

Hi Cazzie: I always have to remind myself when I read your blog that we are at opposite poles of the earth. Our weather is so different.
Thank you for the encouraging words on my last blog. You asked about other entries that show what I paint and if you go to Jan. 26, 2007, Feb 12, 2007 and May 25, 2008you will see other examples.
Thanks again, Ginnie

Keshi said...

Quite warm n sunny over here in Syd too :)

hey Caz check out my hot new 'Spaniard' love story in my blog ;-) The post before today's post.


Cazzie!!! said...

Karisma, yes, Mother nature certainly is confused this time of the year!

Galen, May is just awesome isn't it? For us, Winter is here and the leaves are falling and my lovely tree is changing its colour. I love to look at it each morning to see its differing colours.
I am riding about 16 to 2okms a day on the bicycle now :)

Mom, I will try take pics of the wet lands tomorrow, weather permitting me :)

Ginnie, thanks for the heads up I will check it out now :)

Keshi, I'll be right over :)

lime said...

ah and here we are hoping for things to finally begin warming up a bit. our winter has been interminable.