Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Body Packers..

I do not GET why people do this. Sure, the monetary incentive would be primary reason to doing it ..yet... it is STUPID! Packing our body with drugs, to bring into another country is RISKY. The balloons swallowed with the drug/s in them CAN BURST and you can DIE. Yet seemingly "normal" looking people do this. Do some slip through the radar at the airport at times? I do not know. Weird behaviour of alighting passengers alerts the people in the know I think.
Accompanied by Australian Federal Police into hospital until body packer "delivers" packages into a bed pan. Untouched by the nurse who has been allocated that area. Then, into the forensic kit- trolley and then goodbye patient. Nothing to do with us any more, you are in the hands of the Fed's mate. They too have a difficult job it seems.
Still, I am shaking my head at these people..such a risk for some materialistic money.
Oh, and, a message to those who think of trying it..you WILL get caught..so just don't go there ok!

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karisma said...

Very scary! I can't fathom why anyone would do it.