Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is only flat on the bottom!

(A corsege of flowers made from punctred bicycle tyres!)
Yeah, well, that was my rear tyre on my bicycle..half way through our River Run today it got awfully difficult to push that bike over a small hill. Looking down I said, "Damn! The second puncture in a year!" Oh well, we walked back and repaired the thing.
Then we decided just to go for a long walk any how. It was a weird windy warm and yet humid day today.
The kids all had a great day at school. Nick got to see the Royal Navy Band play great music. He loved it..his toes are still tapping away :)


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

There is something cool about seeing a military band in the flesh, huh?

FoxyMoron said...

Isn't it great what schools do these days? The kids get such a wide variety of experiences. I think we got a puppet show in year 2. Once.

Bwca said...

Fantastic concept - flowers which will never again look 'tyred'.

karisma said...

Very interesting. LOL at Bwca, clever remark. Just thought I'd drop by so you know Im still alive. Have not forget Mias pressie just been off a bit and have not gotten to the shops yet to post it. Hopefully by Monday.

Mom said...

That is the prettiest flat tire I have ever seen

Keshi said...

ur kidding me right! I never knew that punctred bicycle tyres cud make such a PRETTY site :)

btw Im bak Caz. Missed ya!