Friday, March 06, 2009

Is this rain?

Driving into work yesterday for my afternoon shift it made me quite cross at the way people were driving. It has been sprinkling with rain the past few days which is absolutely GLORIOUS! However, people have forgotten, or just don't give a toss, how to drive in wet conditions. The roads are slippery, and even more so along the tram lines that I drive beside.
A woman was driving a yellow ex-taxi cab car. It had faded paint work, a whole length of rubber strip (that surrounds the back left hand passenger door) hanging out and dragging along the road, and two broken tail lights. She was speeding and she did a 360 degree skid in the centre of a busy shopping hub at Newmarket. It was her lucky day, as the cops were right there..along with many witness pedestrians.
The thing that amazes me, and I do not intend to offend anyone at all, is the fact that she wore a full berka. Surely this must obsrtuct peripheral vision, which is vital to drive safely? I think Andrew has spoken of this before at Highriser?
So, with all of this going on out on the roads, business was too busy at the hospital. Car accidents and cyclist accidents aplenty when the wet weather hits.
I hope that the rain is hitting the reservoir...I believe it was at a super low 33% capacity the other day. The rain makes people complacent with their water saving efforts... I did see someone watein their garden, in the rain, the other day! Perhaps they just never have saved water? Who knows?


Better half took Mia to another prescription eyewear place yesterday. The place I originally went to wanted $375 for one pair of specs. They also wanted either 50% or the full amount put down on them before them being made for her, and it would take 7 to 10 days to be completed. So, husband shopped around, got Mia's report off original eye place and went to the another one. Now, Mia will have TWO pair of prescription eyewear for $199. They will most likely be complete in 7 days time. She is so excited! We are excited too. I cannot wait for her to be able to read with ease. All the hard work we did over last year and Summer vacation time and I wish I had known she needed specs. I did think her claim to headache was her saying she had had enough of the tasks at hand. I feel guilt, however I could not have known she was long sighted could I?


Ginnie said...

Hallelujia...I'm so glad you got rain!

FoxyMoron said...

Pays to shop around huh? I didn't know you could get the report from the optometrist and go elswhere. I paid over $300 for my glasses a year or so ago, and they are the very basic frame. Will remember this when it's time to get newies.

As for saving water, I grew up in Sydney and back then water wasn't an issue. But since we've been living in country towns since 1999 I have learnt so much about how precious our H20 is. I no longer run the water when peeling spuds, I just peel them dry and if they are old potatoes just rinse them quickly under the tap. I don't throw out water, it either goes on the garden or in the house plants or if it's floor washing water, the concrete out the back gets a sluice.
We pray for rain daily, and it often means the difference between having an income and not having one.
I am so used to not being able to water the garden that I just don't do it, even though the restrictions are much more relaxed here now.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Yay for rain. We've had two passing birds spit as they flew overhead... that's been as much rain as we've had here this week! lol

It always pays to shop around. the pescription for glasses is just that - a pescription. You can take it and use it wherever you want to. sounds like a good deal... i wish i had two pair of glasses when i was in primary school... I was always terrified of loosing one or sitting on them or something. yay for Mia :)

Mal :)

karisma said...

WooHoo! Finally some rain! So happy! Great on the bargain glasses, thats my girl, I have to admit I am a bit of a bargain shopper myself. ( And Mia will look just gorgeous in any glasses, she is beautiful!)

Now my vigilante friend, whats a berka? My lovely BIL has just told me he thinks it is a muslim Hajib, but I have never heard of it myself. Please explain (hehe)! Sometimes us hippy home schoolers are a bit unedumacated!