Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Milder weather for today..

Well, today has been a mild day. I wore my warm zip up hoodie and my scarf ( I have a head cold so I wanted to make sure my neck and throat areas were well covered). My friend and I went for our usual bike ride along the river. It drizzled a little (thanks for the prayer for rain everyone). In contrast to the weather we have had, it was just brrrrrr cold!
Tomorrow and Friday are set to have temperatures climb. Those fires near my Aunt's are under control so far. However, the community remains vigilant and on the look out for anything like spot fires.
I am also very pleased to note that the community are having update meetings with the Fire Brigade and the DSE. This allows them to know what is going on with the fire front and how it is being managed, also to speak of the weather and winds forecast ahead. They have heeded advice to go to shelters if need be. No mucking around any more.
I just hope the forecast for a 38 degree celsius day is not right..and that the wind does not blow so wild. Here's wishing for ya! Above is an image of the set up we will take to my Aunt's so they can protect their property against spot fires. It ought to help out even if it is just set up on one side of the house. A 44 gallon drum and a 10000litre storage tank, plus mops and hoses.


Loz said...

ANd living in the Dandenongs myself I hope that the Bureau is wrong about the forecast

Cazzie!!! said...

Loz, you live in such a gorgeous place, a place I spent alot of my childhood.You stay safe ok, stay tuned to CFA and DSE and ABC radio.

FoxyMoron said...

Well they often are wrong, so I hope they are this time.

We drove through a lot of the Victorian countryside when we went to Melbourne earlier in the year. It's just so beautiful. What has burned will regrow I know, and it's the human toll that is the tragedy.

Loz keep safe.