Friday, February 27, 2009

More Zero Tolerance..

I called the council AGAIN today. A repeat offender got me mad! A Driving School Instructor was illegally parked right near the children's crossing at the school today. I went up to her. I said, "Oh, plee-eeease do NOT tell me you ARE a driving school instructor!" Her reply, "Of course I am, you can see it by the car I am driving" "You DO know that is a NO STANDING sign right there? And that you are illegally parked right next to the school crossing. Which, by law, is not to be parked near or next to or within a 20metre length on the approaching side of a crossing on a one way street?" "There was no where else to park", she says.
"You are just lazy! There are plenty of parks the next street or block over..there are parks just down the road there, that is clearly not excuse. And, what example are you setting for the people who are now illegally parking behind you? A driving school instructor?" This is where I call out to the presumably non English speaking background person in the drivers seat of a red Mitsubishi Colt, "Do NOT take example of this person who is parking illegally..look(I pointed) it says NO STANDING!" He promptly moves his car as do two others.
I told her I had called the council, expect a fine!
I did call the council, they say they will do something about it. Not before I insist they take my name and number and that I will follow up on this once and for all if they do not come to the party. Five phone calls is enough I said. I will go to the media about this..BEFORE some child gets hit, I said. So there!


FoxyMoron said...

It's even worse at a school, where kids' safety is compromised. Good on you again Cazzie! Hope something gets done.

karisma said...

Man! You are on a mission! hehe! Now seriously I am 100% behind you on this! Kids safety first! One of the things that seriously used to irk me back in our "school" days was the fact that so called decent mama's would suddenly turn into moron drivers once their own kiddies were safely tucked up in their car! Grrrr!

Andrew said...

Stick to it Cazz. I see quite a bit of it and it is sheer laziness and people who are so disorganised that they can't get their kids to school on time.

Mom said...

You go girl!

Donn Coppens said...

If you want anything done when dealing with the powers that be and never mind done right, then yes you have to do it yourself.

Way To Go! Get in their face and make a big deal out of it. I'm not sure when we stopped treasuring children..our society can only be as good as they are?

Get the media on it..have the morning traffic guy on the radio park their for half an hour one day and read out the license numbers...have the newsy photographer and TV crews take pictures.

Why is everyone so f#*%ing lazy?

Stace said...

I hope I'm never on your bad side :) That's awesome that you told the driving instructor off; some people seem to think they can get away with anything because of their position!! Good for you. :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Foxy, it is safety I am worried about first and foremost, that is for sure.

Karisma, Morons is right, you got it 10/10.

Andrew, yes, you are so right. It doesn't take more than a m inute to park in the next street and walk. They would even have to use the un manned crossing that they so jeopardise other users crossing..taste of medicine.

Mom, thanks!

Don, that sure is my next step.

Stace, that is just what Therese said last time I spoke of this, people who think they are "all that" and nhve a right of way to do these things, it is a joke!

Ginnie said...

Good for you, Cazzie.
How about the people who have a valid "handicap parking" permit but the person who is handicapped is not in the car? They use the parking place anyway!

Dale said...

Take photos, and offer to the council that you'll give evidence in court.

Cazzie!!! said...

Ginnie, I love it how my blog reaches you and you think of us all the way over here..just as I do of you :)

Dale, I sure have mate. I told the counciller on the phone that I took images of the lot of them, including the signs next to their cars showing it is no standing and that I would be happy to go to court. She said I wouldnt have to go to court but I insisted...and said take my details, so she did. I thanked her because in all of my phone calls it was the first time someone seemed to care..and took my details.

Jules said...

FFS, what do the councils actually get paid for these days??