Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back to normal for our house..

Today we rode our bikes to school. After discussion with the Principal last year about the school bike lock up after Tomas' Mongoose was stolen, the school got the funding from the Government and had a wonderful safe bike lock up installed. Yayyy for progress!!
I then rode home, did some chores around the house and went to a friend's place. We went for our usual ride along the Werribee River. The river is SOOOO LOWWW! Birds and crickets could be heard along the river. The day was very cool, and the wind cropped up here and there was also quite fresh.
Our conversation was about the current bushfire situation which is really a topic on all our minds.
The kids' school is going to fund raise money and present it to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. I am very proud of them for doing that.
A lady parked across the children's crossing today. I took an image of her car with my phone. She asked me what I was doing. I said I was going to expose her for the absolute disregard to the law and disregard to the children's safety in trying to cross the road. She moved her car promptly. The council is on notice, they know I have been very P*^%ed off...as well as a few other parents. I have also spoken to the Vice Principal as I did not like the answer the Principal gave me in regards to the parking/safety problem. The ball is rolling people!


karisma said...

You GO girl! I totally think you should take over the "school protection" job! Keep taking pictures, at least its enough to get the idiots thinking!

Mom said...

It is always good when life returns to normal
It will be a long time for the fire victims to return to normal.

Jules said...

Good shit Caz, you are a great role model to your kids. I love that you act on your talk. I often talk and talk and rant and rant and then do nothing about it cos I let my fears take over. I aim to work hard on this.

Love ya.xxx

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Good on yas :)

Middle Child said...

I like how you are. My girls used to call me "the woman who gets things done"...I now award you that title...you say it then do it...not many are like that.