Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Soaring temperatures.

Our Summer weather has come late. It is no less ferocious though. People from Swan Hill in our state's north will have their highest temperature yet for this season when the temperature gets to 45 degrees celsius. I feel for them. I also feel for the firemen and women who are on stand by.
Over in South Australia, a beautiful area that we travelled last Easter time has been set ablaze. The cause of the fire unknown at this stage. 6 people were treated at the local hospital for minor injuries. Let's hope it just stays at that.
A notice to parents out there, of human children and pet dog children.... do not leave your children or pets in the car on hot can and has killed them!


AspergantuS said...

Good for you Cazzie. Good advice. Hope you're far enough away from the fires. Be safe...

Beth said...

Hi Cazzie,
thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my house and garden blog... I'd be glad to show you over if you're interested.
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Mom said...

Winter has hit big time in our part of the world. The Midwest of the USA is suffering with -28 F. Here near Washington DC it is about 20 F. Obama will have a very cold inauguration party.
It is nice to know that somewhere it is warm.

Stace said...

Can I leave Bean in the womb on a hot day?? hehe

rosemary said...

good is sitting on 30F in Idaho and no more snow for a few days thankfully.

karisma said...

Here, Here, I have been so tempted to smash windows even on a not so hot day the temp in a car is much greater than outside.

Its been scorching up here the past few days too.

Cazzie!!! said...

Aspergantus, yes, the fires are in the next state, but, we have had a short burst of rain..then lots of sun...and so the undergrowth of the bush grew, and now has dried out. It is a recipe for bad bush fires :(

Beth, no problems, thanks for coming over!

Mom, funny that, I heard it on the news today that there are concerts going on everywhere in the lead up to Obamas inauguration...and that it is cold partying because of the cold snap of weather.

Stace, it is not a silly question Stace, lol. I remember asking the Doc if my baby had a cold when I That was when I was really crook pregnant with Tomas once..I had bronchitis. Bean will be just fine :)

Rosemary, it is so amazing the contrast in temperatures isn't it?

Karisma, I am with you! Even when a pet is left in the car it makes me cross, winter or Summer time.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

It's been a warm few days, huh? Thankfully we're experiencing a cooler break now, at last. No bushfires or grass fires out our way, thankfully.

Mal :)

Middle Child said...

How could they do thisto a child or a pet in a hot car? How can anyone do this...???