Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day..

Tonight I got in at 10pm after taking the kids to see the fire works at the Altona Beach Pier. Families gathered and children played as we waited in anticipation of the show to begin. It was wonderful and we had such fun "ooing"and "aahhhing" at the display.
It was a wonderful Australia Day...peace :)


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Beer, BBQ and cricket on TV... sounds like Australia day to me! :D

Mom said...

What are you celebrating on Australia Day? Is it like the USA's Independence Day on July 4th?

Cazzie!!! said...

Mal, now that is an awesome day any

Mom, it is the day that British came to Australia, they sailed to Botony Cove and unfoiled their flag. It is controversial for many people as the Aboriginal people have been through, and are still going through, so much. Yet, in speaking to some new Australians from India the other night, they were saying that no matter what, we can all safely say that there has been alot of positive growth in this country, especially in the past 50years.If it was not for the British colonisation then this may not have occurred. Being that India is not indeendant of British rule, they sort of sit on the fence. They are happy to be independant, yet happy that their nation grew in some respects, had foundations set by the British.
There is a big push by some people here to become independant of British rule, just as India is now. I am not sure if or when this will happen. To become a rebibli is such a big thing.
Anyway. Australia Day to me and to many of my friends is a day to celebrate how lucky we are to live in such a lovely country. And, not forgetting the sorrow people have experienced in the past due to the British landing, yet holding out a hand to those who do feel sorrow, and becoming their friend and support them.

Mom said...

Thanks for the explanation. Your native people and the native people in America have suffered much from the hands of European settlers. Yet we share so much good too.
Happy Australia Day!

Middle Child said...

Every Australia Day Don and I, would go down to the Town green alongside the hastings was a tradition...there were stals there from about 10am and depending on how hot the day was and what was on, Don's health etc...we'd stay a couple of hours or many hours...this time I went down with a life time friend (we had our babies at the same time 31 years ago) she knew how hard it was for me to do this on my own, qwhich i was going to do, so she came with me...thank god for friends. Aystrayia day is special for whatever it means to each of rules