Tuesday, September 09, 2008


When I was a kid I broke both of my arms, at different times. The right one was broken when I was pushed on roller skates and the left one when my boyfriend bunked me up over his horse and over the other side (I can hear you laughing you know!).
On the weekend we had our first child break a bone. Tomas was playing football and another kid kicked the ball over the back yard fence. Tomas climbed the timber fence, his leg of his denim jeans got caught on a paling and he fell, breaking the fall with his right arm. He managed to break his forearm in such a way that it needed to be operated on. Tomas will now set off security alarms at shops and airports! Just kidding.
It has been a tough time with many more appointments and procedures to follow. The K-Wire has to be removed in a few weeks time.
The worst part of it is Tom is right handed. As I said to him, I learned to do lots of things with my left hand when I broke my right arm, which kind of makes us special :)


Andrew said...

Poor lad. But that is what happens in childhood. You haven't wrapped him in cotton wool and nor should you.

Team Gherkin said...

He'll consider it a "Battle Scar" two of my three sons have broken limbs from time to time. boys will be boys. All will be well :)

Mom said...

Ouch! The good thing is that he will recover. the bad thing is that it hurts and limits activities and takes up a lot of time at appointments.
Get well soon Tomas.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine. I've never broken anything.

Betty said...

My son broke his arm when he was a child, too. He had to have surgery and then, another surgery to take all the metal out of his arm. He kept the pin as a souvenir. If you ask him, he'll show it to you. lol

karisma said...

Oh dear! Reading about you as a child reminded me of one of my cousins who also was prone to breaking bones. She was such a monkey!

As for the poor invalid! How old is he? Does he by chance like Bionicles and reading! I have a lovely set of books just waiting for a little boy to read! (I run a bookclub for our homeschool group through scholastics and get some great freebies) If you send me your addy I will send them on to him.


Drywall Mom said...

Well, at least he will get alot of attention from it. I hope he feels better.

I've only broken my pinky toes and my neck. Each pinky toe has been broken 4 times. ( I round corners to closely) and my neck when I was really young. I was going after the cookie jar. I didn't even know I had broken it until 3 yrs ago when I went to the chiropractor and they showed the hairline crack on my top vertabre. How crazy is that?

G-Man said...

Awww Caz, I'm sorry to hear that!
My son has his left arm in a cast with multiple fractures. BOYS!!!!

Middle Child said...

I hope he is healing and infection free. Poor kid that had to hurt big time.