Monday, July 28, 2008

Night Owl...

I have been a night owl for the past 5 days, and so I will be back with more posts this week. The day I began night shift was my very good friend's birthday. I bought her a Cher record..yes...on vinyl. We got her turn table working and sang madly with Cher...of course, if we could sing as good we would be millionaire's! Jesse James and Turn Back Time were our favourite songs :)
I had about an hour sleep or so before going to night shift...that always helps you on your first night. The day sleeps were great, the cold wet weather always makes a great environment for one was out mowing their lawns like they do in good rude to wake me then , haha.
I really enjoyed my nights at work, it was very very busy. For the first time in a long time my calf muscles hurt me when I finished my last night shift. I had even worn my runners that night!
I can say something very safely and with great honesty..the new 2am lockout from certain establishments who sell liquor brings in the herds of people who are from slightly intoxicated to inebriated and sometimes bleeding from fights. I am not sure if the numbers have increased in incidence, or that it is just more evident because when we look at the clock, 3am seems to be the time the waiting room fills up.
The kids all began their swimming programme last week. Twice a week on different days they swim. So, Winter is such a bad time to get things dry for the next lesson, my clothes horses are getting a work out :)
When the rain settles this week I am back to my usual bike riding each day...I cannot wait ..I think (winks).


Keshi said...

As long as u enjoy it Caz :)

Im a born night-owl.


A Slice of Life said...

We always revert to being night owls in the summer. (It's still odd to think that you are doing winter!) I hope you adjust fairly quickly.

The 2 am bar closure is new to you guys?'s always been that way here.

Mom said...

I used to really enjoy the night shift. The hospital is a whole different world then. It got harder as I got older and my family really disliked it. Now I just sit around and talk about the good old days.

Flat Coke and Flies said...

I'm glad you enjoyed work so much this week.

Cher? Love it!!! What about the SHOOP SHOOP SONG???

karisma said...

Yeah! Im a night owl too! Not by choice though! I just don't sleep! LOL! Glad you are enjoying it!

G-Man said...

There are Drunk Aussi's??
Hi Caz...xox

dale said...

3am seems to be the time the waiting room fills up.

Could it be the "Six o'clock swill" effect I wonder.

I remember when the Waterside Workers stopped early openings. The wharfies got sick and tired of dealing with nightclub patrons spoiling for a fight.

Middle Child said...

Anyone who has dogwatch has my admiration - I faze out past 11pm. But you have to be on your toes not just there - onya caz

Stace said...

Ahhh, Cher. I try not to admit it in front of Aidan, but I do rather like Cher's older stuff!

Has it been raining in Melbourne? We've just got icy air with clear skies here. Freeeezing!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Keshi, haha, I know you are! You would make a wonderful nurse :)

A slice, yes, it is new to us here the 2am lockout... thing is, the young ones now don't favour it at all.

Mom, Yes, I love the night shift best, especially in emergency, it keeps me awake and on my toes :)

FC&F< ahh yeah the shoop shoop song is awesome :)

Karisma, yes, well, I chose to do the nights only because other half was also doing nights before my nights and I was just in the swing of is also wonderful money :)

Galen, lol, well you know, we love our plonk :)

Dale, yes, my friends who worked the wharfes and some still do, know it all only too well. LOL, I guess the night club patrons would be upsetting their swill too..never thought of that myself.

Therese, thanks for the vote of confidence, I do love the excitement of nights..before I know it I look at the clock and it is 3am!

Stace, yeah, same with Abba, no one wants to admit they love momma Oh well yes, the wind is freezing, no rain though..I rode my bike 3 times in the freezing wind today, making up for my shortfall in exercise last week..not that I sit still at work :(