Saturday, May 24, 2008


I laughed when I read this cartoon before. I guess we all know or have seen ladies and men trying to be something they wished they still were from years before. For me, the need to get fit and stay fit is not really all just about looking young again, it is about being a decent size, looking better, healthier and combating the family history of diabetes and heart disease.
I have to say I do feel so much better. Walking and riding every day this past few weeks has been great. You take in alot from your environment too. People say hello to you, people stop to ask you directions too, and you get to see birds you never noticed before.
Today was a cool day and the wind was cool too, but now, I know I did a good thing walking alongside my girls as they rode their bikes. They also had fun at the park, while I kept on walking up and over a hill there. Now, I am tired, and they are not! No rest for the wicked right?


Stace said...

Good for you! I keep promising myself that I'll get more exercise, but... well, I'm lazy. Also it's so cold here! But mostly I'm lazy ;)

Drywall Mom said...

For me, I grew up in a really strict Mormon family and so I never go to where the sexy outfits b/c my mom would buy my clothes and if I bought something that she didn't like, she would confiscate it.

Now that I am not religious, I am finally able to get to wear some of the things that I was not able too and sometimes I feel like that photo. I wish that I could have worn some of those really cute outfits. But then again, if I wore them, I would look absolutely rediculous.

Team Gherkin said...

Glad you're getting out and about with your children. They'll help motivate you to get out on your feet, right? heh heh.

No news about the bike, I assume? Bugger :(

Mal :)

Flat Coke and Flies said...

I agree it gets us social to be outside active. Bat & I walk the dogs almost everyday now and we are always greeted by neighbors that want to pet the puppies or just say hello. Nice.

A Slice of Life said...

OK, I need to start walking again, I fell out of the habit and it makes a difference. Consider yourself an inspiration!

Mom said...

When i was a kid we would walk together in the evenings for family entertainment. Walking, talking, enjoying our neighbors. In the days before TV many families walked together.

Cazzie!!! said...

Stace, I know, it is too easy to sit curled up with a book and look out on the cold rainy weather, but, once you get your runners on and step out the door, you don't look back.

Mom, I reckon you ought to wear what you like, feel great and don't worry what other's think! You deserve to feel good!

Mal, no news on the bike, nope.

FC&F, yeah, with the doggies, there are always people to sniff...oops, I mean dogs to sniff for our dogs and people to talk to for us, lol.

A Slice, I am honored I am your inspiration..take no prisoners..just GO FOR IT!

MOM, I know, I love the walk with the girls, we talk about everything, I hope it stays that way mostly :)

jillie said...

I know someone JUST like that! OMG...I've copied it and sent it to her. Luckily she knows my strange sense of!

Middle Child said...

What you say about saying hello to people - I find it hard to walk past people in the street and not make eye contact or smile or something - easier to do in a country town I know - I know how on days when I have been feeling isolated just someone making eyecontact like that made the difference - it reconfirms your humanity in a way... you are a wonderful mum Caz and your kids will remember their childhood when they are old ladies and men.