Tuesday, March 25, 2008

School Holidays..

We spent the school holidays in Halls Gap, The Grampians National Park. Camping is wonderful fun.

Lots of images to upload and lots of history lessons to come. The best fun yet was when we went to the Great Western Rodeo on Good Friday. We all had a ball. It was hot and dusty on that day.

Went to lots of rural places including Stawell and Dimboola to name a few. More updates later on.


G-Man said...

Did you bust a Bronco?

Lucy said...

You are cool.

Jay said...


I need a cowboy hat. I don't know why cause I don't even have any cowboy boots, but I think I need one. ;-)

If I get one I might even go to a rodeo someday. I've never been, but here they're lots of fun.

Team Gherkin said...

Hiya. sounds like you had a fantastic memorable family Easter - good on ya!

Hiya... I stumbled across your great blog from Ella's Child... I'm in Bathurst NSW [but don't hold that against me! lol]

Thanks for your blog. I'll be coming back for some more.

Mal :)

Mom said...

I love the pink cowgirl hat!
I have many fond memories of camping trips we have enjoyed.

Steph said...

Rock that cowboy hat!

Stace said...

Can you adopt me?

Middle Child said...

LOvely Cazzie. And she is "pretty in pink"
Dimboola...wasn't there an Australian movie called that or with that in it somewhere? rings a bell in my old noggin'.

sexy said...