Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Me time..

Today before coming into work I wandered the Vic Market in town. I had an Affogato and loved it. I got some strawberrries for $2.50 for a 700gram punnet...devine. Better than that, I got some smoked salmon and some dip and a nice fresh sour dough roll for my tea tonight. MMMmm, I have been to heaven.
BING.... time to go back to work...that was my break...what was your day like?


Andrew said...

I did have to look up Affogato Cazzie.

Cazzie!!! said...

Andrew, haha, well, I had not had it before 2006 when I visited friends in Syd-ah-nee and had my first there. It was spectacular, as was yesterday's one....very nice indeed

Stace said...

Me too Andrew!

Cazzie - sounds like a wonderful morning... I'm jealous! I need to get to Vic Market more often (what am I saying, I'm moving interstate in a few weeks...) at this time of year they run the Night Market on a Wednesday night, with food and music and stuff, have you been to that? It's great fun. I might go next week.

M said...

I don't really have very much me time - am still waiting for the preps to settle down. ha.

coffespaz said...

Oh wow!! Your break totally sounds like something out of a novel. How divine!

It is cold, rainy and snowy here...no outdoor walks for me. Looking forward to spring when we can walk along the river for our breaks.

Mom said...

Affogato sounds like something from Starbucks. Sounds yummy. Nice to have yourself a wee little mini vacation for yourself.

jillie said...

I would love to have some strawberries right about now.

I guess I will have to look up what an Affogato is.

Happy Valentines Day Cazzie ;o)

Steph said...

Ohh yum. *Droolz*

Lord Tennisanyone said...

Did you just say that you got an AFRO?

Cazzie!!! said...

Stace, the night market is awesome, a great way to sit and relax and actually get some real bargains for gifts.

M, yes, I see that, I hope you get your YOU time soon.and a pay rise with it.

Coffee....we only just got Summer back today..the weather has been undecided the last few weeks..weird stuff.

Mum, not sdure if starbucks do it..but the Italian places do. Rich espresso with a dollop of vanilla icecream that melts in the coffee and in your mouth...gives your tongue a great work out..the taste buds anyhow.

Jillie, happy V day to you too :)

Steph, you have to have one :)

Lord Tennis, hahaaaaa, love it..I needed a laugh.