Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!!
Sarah overlooking the bay.
Sandringham Beach.
Sandringham Beach, view from The Sandy Hotel.


Mom said...

So did the tooth fairy come?
Where is Sandringham Beach?

Jay said...

Who did she whip at tic-tac-toe? Was it you Cazzie?? ;-)

I would love to go to the beach right now. That would be fun.

Queenie said...

That looks fantastic, BTW how much do the tooth fairies leave over there??

Cazzie!!! said...

Mom, the tooth fairy sure did come, and that was a few weeks ago now, thing is..we think she will be waiting until Christmas for those two front teeth, haha. Sandringham is a beachside suburb of Melbourne. You can catch the train right to the beach and hop off and there you are.

Jay, it sure was me , ahhaa, I didnt think I'd have to admit that but it was true!!

Queenie, the going rate is about 1 dollar to 2 dollars for a bigger tooth, or first tooth and 50 cents to a dollar for the next teeth. I guess, with inflation and all you was like 20 cents for a big tooth and ten cents for subsequent teeth when I was little :)

Keshi said...

wow spectacular views!

And ur cute lil baby girl :)


qofd said...

Mmmm... that beach and your daughter are gorgeous! It's summer for you guys right now isn't it? I'm so jealous.

jillie said...

I'll trade her two front teeth for two healthy ankles...LOL!!

Great photos ;o)

rosemary said...

Both beautiful views...from the hotel and through the space in her mouth!

Mark said...

Nice. I like that you can click and enlarge pics now. What's the concrete pavilion in that last pic?