Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter Fever..

I took the kids to see the latest HP flick and they all loved it. I did preview it last week to make sure it was okay for the girls to watch it. There were only a few scary bits in it on the whole, and they were real wrapped to have seen it.

On the way to the flicks traffic was at a stand still. We were banked up behind two trams. At first I thought one of the trams had been in an accident or someone had been hurt or something. But, as we came down alongside the two trams, it was apparent a furniture removal truck had tried to reverse back into a driveway of a house and its axle had broken. The truck was so large that it jutted out across the tram line. I bet the people waiting at the other end of the tram line wondered what was going on? Wish I had my camera


Queen of Dysfunction said...

Eeeeeeee!!! Love Harry Potter!

I bet the folks on the tram were angry as (bleep!)

Menchie said...

Just saw it last Friday but without the kids as it was a late night show. Was glad it wasn't as bad as the third movie.

Do you have the book already?

JR's Thumbprints said...

Not to be a spoiler, or a wise old owl -- but Hedwig dies early in JK's latest tome.

Pink said...

did you get your copy of hp7?

I don't follow it but I can understand the mania...

glad the kids had fun :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

I LOVE Harry Potter! I can't wait to see the new movie and read the last book!

Mom said...

Harry Potter fever is sweeping the whole world. My grandkids went to the premiere midnight showing all dressed up in HP costumes. Then they went to the midnight book selling party. Granddaughter #1 won the lottery and got to be the first person in the store to buy the new book. Such fun!

Keshi said...

I must be one of the weird ones cos I hate the HP hype :)


Melly` said...

I love the fact it was HP fever in your home and mine.


captain corky said...

I just got to figure out a way to see that movie!!!

M said...

I always wonder whether kids find Harry Potter scary. Are they into the books too, or just the movies? I love the books.

Crabby said...

The new movie is out? Dang! I must live in a cave. Somebody was talking about the last Harry Potter movie and earlier and I thought they meant from awhile back. That one, imo, wasn't nearly as good as the book. But I'll see this new one anyhow because that book rocked!

I have the new book. Did you get it yet? I'm rushing now to finish the Dean Koontz book I reading so I can get onto the final Harry Potter chapter. Then I may read them all again. Rowling is one very clever lady!

susan said...

I had to finish the book quickly so I would miss any spoilers. (BAD JR!!!) My oldest has been obsessed since before the first one became so well known. So, I had to enjoy the ride along with her...

Alicia said...

I haven't read any Harry Potter, nor have I seen any of the films.

I guess I'm saving myself for marriage or something like that.

Wait... I am married.
I guess I'm saving my virgin Harry Potter eyes for some other time.


Cazzie!!! said...

QOD, me too. Yep the tram customers looked mighty unhappeee!!

Menchie, yes I agree, the third doesnt hold a candle to this one.

JR, awww, dang! LOL

Pink, not yet but I shall today.

TC, me too, welcome back :)

MOM, that is so gr8 for your granddaughter!! What fun.

Keshi, betcha would just love it if it was Bollywood hype!! too.

Melly, comig on over to have a peek soon.

Captain, steal some time and see it with your lovely wife..take time out from baby MAx :)

M, for me, it is the books..Tom is old enough to read the book, and Nicholas is self taught reading..he can understand my Bryce Courtenay books too!
They went to see that Gooligulch play the other week but not before reading the book. My way of teaching them is through the book first. Sometimes though, the movie to a book just doesn't cut it compared to the mids eye version from having read it first.

Crabby, I agree, Rowling is great and good for her for making it big time with her amazing writing and imagination!

Susan, if my Tom was a year or two older I reckon he'd be more obsessed than he is now.. we have read the first 3 books together so far.
He is into some of the smaller chapter books written by Aussie authors right now, his reading is ever improving and the best thing is, he enjoys it.

Alicia, LMAO, I had to laugh, much needed after a hard time at work last night :)