Friday, July 06, 2007


If you wanted to relax in tranquility, get a buzz out of some adventurous hiking or rock climbing, or just admire the wildlife around you, then the Grampians would be the place to go. This is one of Victoria's most popular holiday destinations. The Grampians region is approximately three hours from Melbourne by car. Which would depend on if you took a break to take in some of the lovely towns along the way...advice which ougt to be well taken!
For people who prefer other modes of transport, there are options to go by train (V/Line) or by light commercial aircraft too. Although, this way, you would miss out on stopping at all the towns in between. A map of Grampians location.
Amongst the many things to see there are many markings left by Aborigines who inhabited the area for thousands of years. Rock art and oven mounds can also be found upon walking many a trail, more evidence that the Gariwerd people lived here.
There are approximately 60 rock art sites and 4,000 motif sites that have been identified so far in the National Park. Keeping the tradition and more importantly, the Aboriginal mythology alive. Mt William(Mt Duwil)
The Grampians is described in sections. There is the Southern Grampians and the Northern Grampians. Mt William(Mt Duwil) Trail is located in the Southern section. There are four trails in this section of the Grampians.
This trail is 1.8 kilometres long. It takes 45 minutes each way. It's tallest peak is 1168 metres abover sea level. Alongthe way, you can see panoramic views of the whole area, espcially as you gain altitude. Keeping an eye out for the koalas and local birdlife is a must. For flora lovers, local vegetation is also an eye opener.
Venus Baths
There are 11 walks in the Northern Grampians section. Venus Baths is one of them. It is 2.3 kilometres return trip, amounting to about 40 minutes hike. At the end of a lovely scenic walk, you are greeted by the rockpools pictured above. What a treat!

With about 80% of Victoria's art sites in the Grampians, you can read a bit HERE about the Aboriginal Heritage of the area, aswell as about European Heritage whic reportedly began in 1836. I would have believed it to be earlier, only because my Grandpa traced our family heritage back further than that in this particular area. Something to talk about another time I guess.

There are so many areas in the Grampians to check out, and too many o speak of in one post. But it is one area that ought not be missed by tourists or locals, that is if you want to get to see the grand state of Victoria.


The Bottom Of The Swamp said...

That first photo looks a lot like our Grand Canyon in Arizona.

poody said...

the top photo looks like the man from snowy river territory. I love that movie and it was shot in Australia!

Joe the Troll said...

Lovely place. It reminds me of some places here in New Mexico.

rosemary said...

I agree with the first comment. I would need 3 years to see all of the wonderful places you have shared. Could I have a visitor visa for 3 years?

Cazzie!!! said...

Bottom of the swamp, that'd be outrageously beautiful I reckon.

Poody, it sure was and it was lovely.

Joe, then New Mexico would be great too!

Rosemary, I'd grant it to ya if I had the authority.

Mark said...

Those prehistoric Aborigines really shouldn't have allowed their kids to muck up the scenery with those retarded stick figure drawings though.


Mom said...

Beautiful country! The quick tour we had of Australia left out so very much. Would love to come back and see some of the places you describe.

Cazzie!!! said...

Mark, you are just too funnyyyyy, haha :)

Mom, i know, and the thing is, so many Aussies probably don't step ut their backyard and really look.

G-Man said...

Your very adept narration makes me feel as though I'm there...

Dan said...

Cool! History post! History post!

Keep 'em coming Caz!

Cazzie!!! said...

G-Man, thankyou.

Dan, thanks for reading :)

parisian cowboy said...

Love these photos. I don't know why but every time I come to your blog I want to get away from the city and have a taste of the countryside !! Have a nice day.