Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Bright is situated in the Ovens Valley at the foot of the Victorian Alps, offers beautiful scenery and landscape. The air is so clean and fresh and the weather surprisingly mild. It isw 308 kilometres drive away from Melbourne in a N/E direction.

Explored, like so much of Victoria, by Hume and Hovell in 1824, the first pastoral runs in the Bright area were taken up in the late 1830s - one of them by Hume's brother-in-law, Dr Mackay, whose difficulties with the local Aborigines caused him to move to another property. In 1845, Thomas Buckland established the area's first cattle run near the river which was later to bear his name.

(The Weston Family in front of their fruit and confectionary store in Bright, Victoria, about 1865. Source: Museum Victoria Collection)

The real development of the district began in 1853, when W.H. Pardoe discovered gold along the Buckland River. Despite his attempts to maintain secrecy, 3000 diggers swarmed into the valley within six months, turning the river into a filthy alluvial gold mine. 1000 died of disease and others fled until only 500 remained.
The Chinese arrived in large numbers to sift abandoned claims. But in 1857 Bright saw a massive uprising, a riot if you will, between the Chinese and other prospectors. There is so much more to the history of Bright and the Gold rush that it cannot all be said in one post alone.

There are many ski resorts surround Bright, with Mt Buffalo National Park being the closest. This is obviously one attraction to the area, although Bright offers various activities all year around. Fishing during the summer time is also a great experience. I got to have a go at fly fishing back in year 9 in High School whilst on student camp there. It was just so relaxing too.

Mt Buffalo in snow.

Hang gliding Bright, a post card.

A vineyard near Bright.
There are a whole host of walking trails around Bright which are great for bush walkers and cyclists. There are often fabulous lookouts along the way, giving spectacular views of the surrounding area. If you want to look at the area from a different view, then hold on tight to one of the popular hang gliders.
Around the town there is an interesting museum where you can learn about the history of the area, as well as a winery and the pretty Centenary Park.

Bright Post Office.

The post office in Bright reflects the feel for architecture of old Victorian times. I guess you could say that each old town in Victoria has a building similar to this one. I just love the attentiojn to detail both inside aswell as outer of these buildings.

Staying in Bright, and not in the mountains, means you can pick and choose which mountain resort you want to visit each day. It's viable to travel to Mount Buffalo (27 kilometres), Mount Hotham (51 kilometres) or Falls Creek (58 kilometres).

Simone's restaurant is THE PLACE to eat when you visit Bright. It has been there for 20 years and is run by George and Patrizzia Simone. It is set inside a lovely old Victorian Cottage in the very heart of Bright. Italian cuisine at its finest. People from Melbourne have been known to go to Bright to celebrate their wedding anniversary at Simone's.

Bright, a terrific place for a weekend break or a week long vacation, no matter the season. The scenery, arts, the history, the local foods and of course the wines are just wonderful.


susan said...

Is there anything Bright doesn't have??? It looks quite lovely. I'll make sure it's on my list of places to visit if I ever get down your way.

Aidan said...

I love bright in autumn, the colours are just beautiful, i stayed in the big 4 caravan park on the outskirts of town...

You are probably sick of this but yes i have hiked most of buffalo, up and over the horn, there is only one angle where the mountain actually looks like a buffalo... I could never really see it my self.

Hotham is awesome to hike around, dad and i attempted to hike from hotham to Mt Bogong (highest peak in vic) but we mis read a map, ended up hitch hiking back into Mt Beauty. On that same trip day two we saw wild brumbies, so graceful and incredable to watch, dad and i must have sat for half an hour eating lunch and watching them.Victorian High plans really are beautiful....

Cazzie!!! said...

Susan, you ought to come see it.

Aidan, nope, I am not sick of it at all. I love hearing of the things you have done. It is also way awesome that you get to share it with people you love and care for. How is your dad?

G-Man said...

What spectacular scenery.
No one thinks of Australia like this at all...Thanks Cazzie.xox

captain corky said...

Bright seems like a fun place. Beautiful picks.

Jay said...

Now THAT is a great place! I would love to go there. I love the clean mountain air and all that fun stuff that goes on there. It looks like year round fun.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Wow. I love the first photo, the one of the snowy slope and the hang gliders. Looks like a gorgeous place!

Mom said...

How lovely. i would love come to Australia and and see the places you describe.

Cazzie!!! said...

G-Man, lemme know what you thought Down Under was like :)

Corky, yes, it is a tranquil place mixed with some awesome options to do the extreme sports if you dare.

Jay, bring your mum over and we can tour these places together :)

QOD, it is like when you cannot take your eyes off of a flickering candle. Just lovely to stare at the gliders.

Mom..come on over :)