Sunday, May 27, 2007

Werribee Open Range Zoo, PART 2...

So after the open range bus tour, Mia and I set off for a walking trail tour of Botswana. As you can see, there are huts to picnic in along the way, just as the ones pictured above.

Yes, another metal sign, this way to the Vervet Monkeys. We were in luck, there are two babies there, then 2 days old. The keeper was there at the time. He told Mia and I that there are 3 more babies on the way. Also, that when there are 3 or more babies in the lot, they form a creche so that the mum's can have a break. Not the keepers, the actual monkeys themselves.
At the time, they were all snacking on chestnuts and walnuts. The keeper said they are carnivorous too, but that they do not provide them with such meats...the monkeys are able to catch anything they like to eat, snakes and birds or they maintain their nature of hunting that way.
Their enclosure is very large and is much nicer than my memoreis of the Zoo as a kid. Menacing unfriendly cages are in the past..thank goodness.

Next along the trail we came to the Lion Exhibit. It is set out so spectacularly, I was impressed.
Look here..yes, someone drove the jeep right through the glass...good thing the radio still works. You can sit in it and you are entertained by music of the Botswana region!! I kept on thinking of that flick with John Wayne in it, HATARI.
There they are, the wire protecting them from Mia running up and hugging them or even worse, taking one home with her!!!
Here is the cute little Meerkat...Mia thinks they are named after her, LOL.

Walking along the track, you see imprints of animals, human footsteps and tire tracks. There are also sound of the animals played on speakers, well hidden in the scrub...all fun.

Viewing of Harry the Hippo is not only from the tour bus but from the waling trail too. You step onto the boat here and look out over the waterway and get a great view of him there. There are sounds of the Hippos being played on speaker there and a board explaining what each type of sound means.

A bit of fun to be had, walking along the bridges and stepping planks there, the kids loved it, yes, so did the adults!!!

Bye Bye Zoo, until next time...we may just partake in the overnight stay at the Zoo next Summer...if we are brave enought that is...


Aidan said...
Filtration works on cycling of water through a reed bed, so the phino poop, fertilises the reads, which grow remove the poop, oxegenate the water which is recycled back through, which then gathers more rhino poop.Cycles to clean the water, the water gets cleaner the reeds get fertilised and the rhinos stay healthy:)
7:42 AM


Little Lamb said...

I bet you had a good time.

Keshi said...

wow sooo beautiful!


general_boy said...

Is that two lionesses in that pic? Love the big cats :)

paddy said...

O god I wish I was you the photos were great and I love every second
Thanks Cazzie.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

The monkey looks pretty cool. Monkeys are class.

Little Lamb said...

I love animals

M said...

sounds like a great time!

farmwifetwo said...

Sounds like fun. We're off to a zoo (never been to this one) on Sat. Will take pics.


captain corky said...

Thanks for the fun adventure. The best part about going to the zoo with you Cazzie is that I don't have to smell the zoo. Thanks. ;)

Beefcake Almighty said...

I truly get sad whenever I go to the zoo with my kids. They just got two dingo brothers in at our local zoo, and they just look and sound miserable.


Dan said...

Very cool photos! I wish I had something this nice near me. Thanks for posting this Cazzie. It was almost like being there. Almost.

Aidan said...

making me want to go back, except for the whole having to drive through WErribee part...

Cazzie!!! said...

Little Lamb, we sure did.

Keshi, ty.

GB, I believe they were, there were about 6 names of the Lioness' on a board there, I wish I took an image of it. They were cool names too.

Paddy, yep, they are fun, I have more pics but didn't want to overload everyone here.

Crushed, They were so gorgeous and went on about their business in their habitat like we were not even there. which,m is a great thing, because the depressive enclosures of the past are left behind.

Little Lamb, I love fact, when my horse was put down due to colic, I tried to catch a lamb in our paddock so I could ride it...I was age 10 so forgive me :)

M, it was really wonderful.

Farmwifetwo, please do, it wil be great to see them.

Captain, lol, that is one thing I never , mentioned at all here. The thing is, this Zoo did not smell at all. But, the Melbourne Zoo, last I went there, it DID stink a wholeee lot!!! I think it was the gorilla enclousure that smell so bad then.

Beefcake, yeah, I was the same when I was a kid and went to our Melbourne Zoo. Same last time I went there too, the hyenas and the dingos and the birds in the bird enclousure look sad. The only plaqce u cannot tell if they are happy or sad is the butterfly section, that is magical.

Dan, ty for the compliment, it is what I was trying to portray :)

Aidan, no need to go through Werribee, just get off the Freeway at Duncans Road (on the way o Geelong). Make a dog leg turn right then left into K's Road an you are there. Less you have some sort of roadworks diversion due to an accident on the notorious Maltby Bypass :(

Jay said...

My favorite animals when I go to the zoo are always the big cats. They are just fascinating.

poody said...

overnight? FUN!! I love the meercats! I watch Meercat manor on the animal channel.