Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Someone special...

I feel I know this lady, her name is Therese and she is the wonderful writer of Ella's Child. I wrote and linked many of her posts to a post of mine here and Blogger swallowed it up. I could not recover it, It brought me to tears because, as I was recovering many of my favourite stories Therese has written, I felt I got to know her and her family intimately.
Therese is a very candid and yet soft story teller. Right now, her beloved Don who became a quadriplegic back in 1982 is in a Sydney Hospital awaiting his dream of returning home to die. Their country home that they have made together is just glorious, it is sanctuary, it is only right that it is where Don and Therese and their lovely adult daughters need to be. Oh and not to forget their other children, their animals!!
Last night I began reading Therese's blog from the very beginning. This lady is so gorgeous, courageous and so damned smart. I love her because she is fun, truthful and kicks but of all bureaucrats whether it be in the health system or parliament.
Anyhow, my thoughts are totally with this lovely family. I am guessing that Ali's Angel will guide Don on the next part of his journey when he is ready to let go.


G-Man said...

Lovely and very touching post Cazzie...Sorry to hear about anything like this happening. Makes you very thankful for what you have doesn't it?
Your such a sweet person!

Andrew said...

I started back reading Cazzie and I was ok until I saw his pic. Tears filled my eyes.

homo escapeons said...

What an unbelievably amazing woman.
I would be so bitter.
I sincerely hope that Don gets his wish. I would be so #$@%*'n mad!!

That croc in the fountain..
see, see, that's the real australia, the most dangerous place on the planet for humans.

I am convinced that humans were never mean't to live there.

Dan said...

Theresa is wonderful, isn't she? I was so sorry to hear about Don.

They're in both thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for posting this. Hugs.

paddy said...

Tragic, sad, but a lot of strength in there I think.
Y: Paddy

Aidan said...

The main reason i love blogs, is humanity, i could watch people on this level for the rest of my life, struggles, chalenges, and beautiful stupid moments. in a word, i love life, in all its forms.

I couldnt even begin to imagine what therese is going through, i wouldnt wish that on anyone.

Jules said...

I love the generous soul that you are Cazzie and I definitely feel that we will meet one day.

I have gone to send her my wishes and am definitely going to read back.

Menchie said...

they seem to be a very happy wrote a very touching post about them. thanks for providing us the links.

Keshi said...

I know her and her story...thru u. I wish the family ALL THE BEST! Angel blessings will be showered upon em tonite as I pray in the temple.


Cazzie!!! said...

To everyone who mde comment here, thankyou so much, all the positive energy created has to do something to help out our friends in time of need.
That is all.

poody said...

I knw of this lady as I too have been reading her bog. Lurking mor like it!