Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My baby is TEN....

Today Tom is double digits, 10. It does not seem like ten years ago that I spent 30 plus hours in labor trying to push out a 6 pound ball of flesh. He just didn't want to come!! They had to turn him and twist him and pull him out with the salad "tongs"..woops, I mean kielland forceps. My, did he have a bruise on his poor little head. Well, HERE he is in the flesh now.
Got Tom a chocolate mud cake for his birthday and we are going to see Mr Bean's Holiday at the flicks today. If it were better weather we would have gone to Luna Park...another day perhaps..
Anyway, Tom has worked long and hard to become a great student at school, and it has been reflected in his parent teacher night when he gave his own presentation to me. His teacher said he has the best manners he has even seen in a student, always admits if he has been incorrect, yet stands up for himself if he feels he has done something right. I am so proud!!


wmy said...

Hi hi hi hi!!
Just wandered over from the cowpie field...
I have a couple double digiters myself...hard to believe we used to be able to carry them around with one arm...now, my 13 year old is taller than I am...and you can bet he lords that over me every chance he gets! hahaha

Andrew said...

How many hours slaving over a hot oven did the cake take? I can see it is low fat, low sugar.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Tom.
I'll get your present to you real soon.

surfercam said...

Hippo Birday!

M said...

aww happy birthday Tom. I remember turning 10 I was soooooooooo excited that I was exactly two hands old! Now I'm almost 6 hands old. It isn't that exciting anymore.

Homo Escapeons said...

That is a milestone B-Day.
How exciting and sad..it does fly by once they get in school. Raising a child who displays manners in this day and age is no small feat, take a bow!

Getting close to those awkward years when the hornymones transform cute, little, boys ((sigh)) into gigantic, fridge raiding, smelly, surly, creatures..
aaah forget about it,
you have a few more years to go and besides, if you communicate with your kids the teenage years can actually be super rewarding.

A Decade of Memories.

phishez_rule said...

30 plus hours!!! Holy crap. My pelvis hurts just at the thought of it.

general_boy said...

YUM! Mud cake!!! Hey cazzie you're not gonna believe what my word verification is! I shit you not... it is "urfab"!!!

So Happy 10th Tom! URFAB!!! ;)

Steve said...

Kind of make ya wanna reach for the kleenex don't it!

Lucy said...

Happy birthday!
Kids grow big soon. I thought my baby was born yesterday. But he is 10 years. I am glad my son's growing. But I feel little sad..LOL

Ginnie said...

He's adorable, Cassie. You have every right to be proud of raising a "good kid"...that's not the norm in this day and age. Here's to many more happy, happy Birthdays.

Ginnie said...

oops...sorry about the misspelling Cazzie!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Awww... I love the video! What a handsome boy you have there. Happy birthday!

Jay said...

Happy Birthday Tom!!

The big ONE - OH huh?

Getting up there in years pretty fast isn't he? ;-)

Trundling Grunt said...

Woot. Ten is an amazing milestone and he sounds like a good'un. I'd hang on to him and not trade him in any time soon.

Betty said...

Happy Birthday, Tom, you cutie-patootie!

Bibi said...

Happy birthday to your 'baby' ;-)

His manners reflect highly on you ... I despair at some kids these days, but then I look at their parents and know why they have no manners. So good for you!

Cazzie!!! said...

WMY, Yes, I too am vertically challenged, and Tom will soon tower over me, hell, his feet are as big as mine already!!! You are welcome.

Andrew, sugar fix is excusable only on Birthday's and Easter time :)

Rebecca, just rest and get better..that is an order!!

Surefercam, Tom loved your avatar, and he said thanks (with a grin).

M, well, ur a baby still M....I can't wait til my 40th, I plan a big party then :) (8 hands then).

Homo Esc, you never fail to make me laugh, the picture you painted of the surly teen reminds me of my brother's growing up, chesting up to mum (in a jovial manner) and raiding the fridge. Aye, it is sure to happen.
I know Tom sits as cose as he can to me on the couch, and maybe even rests his head on my shoulder....not to hugg me of course, just to get warm...it is all good :)

Phishez Rule, it isn't so much the pelvis, but your bottom that pays out for it after that amount of time. I don't think I have ever been so tired in all my life.

GB, that is so funny, URFAB too!!!

Steve, yes it does for sure. I almost did when he presented his own parent teacher interview so well.

Lucy, I know what you mean. I love every year they are here.

Ginnie, thanks so much Ginnie, I am proud. Of course, they all have their moments, and so do I, but it is all good. Oh, I don;t mind Cassie, I think it is a nice name...just don't call me late for dinner LOL!!

QOD, thanks love, yep, I know it, proud mother here.

Jay, thanks man, yes, the years are racing by now. I remember like yesterday, the times I held him close as he was crying as a baby.

Trundling Grunt, yes, I don' want to trade him at all, but I will know when it is time to let go....I will, however, always be his mum :)

Betty, thanks so much, he is a cutie :)

jillie said...

Whew! I've never been pregnant and just can't imagine the pain when I hear people talking aobut it...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! 10 is such a fun age too ;o)

Aidan said...

HAppy birthday to you,
you live in a zoo,
you look like a monkey...
and you smell like one too:P

Ahh to be ten again, long summers, no complications, no work, computer games, and adventures.

Congrats on making the big one zero tom.... and many more to come.

(PS 30 hours!!! OW)

Cazzie!!! said...

Bibi, thanks very much. I am glad you stopped by again. I agree with the kids not having manners because, well, when you look at the parents..say no more!!!
My son has a few friends who are just SO, and I tell him to give his mates the benefit of the doubt, because, and treading lightly here, look at how they are growing up! And..that maybe hte parents don't know any different because THEY weren't taught just SO by their parents..etc, etc.
When kids cometo play here I expect manners, and if they don't use them then I say..."And, your manners are where?" They DO know what manners are..they just never use them :(

Jillie, all forgotten a little while after. All worth it.

Aidan, LOL, I love that song :) I agree, school years are the best years. But, I love being here now :)

captain corky said...

Happy birthday Tom. I remember thinking it was a really big deal to turn 10. Double digits. That's the big time for sure.

G-Man said...

Happy Birthday Tomas!!

Cazzie? Do they have the tooth fairy in Aussie Land? That must cost "Him" a fortune!
Very nice brood of Kiddies you have here sweetie...Galen

Big Mama said...

Way to go Tomas! Happy 10th Birthday.
Oh Cazzie!!! Mine are 11 & almost 13 and I look at them now wondering whatever happened to those sweet little babies of mine.

Jay said...

Aw, 10. Ten is a great age. But he's already more than halfway out the door! They grow so quickly.

Keshi said...

Happy Bday TOM! U sound like a great lil guy...and ur mum is a beauty!

30hrs in labor Caz? I just dunno whether I cud go thru that...U R SO BRAVE!


debi said...

Happy Birthday to your Tomas. I remember what a big deal it is when they grow into the double digits. They grow up too fast. My youngest is 16 and my oldest is 30. Thank you for popping in. I have seen you over at gawilli's I think. I shall return.

Stace said...

Happy birthday to Tom! He sounds like an absolute angel, you're lucky to have him! Congratulations on bringing him up right!

Iris VonKornea said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy, dear.

I hope he turns out better than my son did. No good stinkpot.

Have you seen my dog?

By the way, thank you for the pelvic floor exercises. There was a time when proper ladies didn't discuss such things, but times they are a changing. My doctor told me not to do it since in addition to the sag in my breasts, my innards are hanging into my unmentionable areas and that put an end to that very quickly. Though he is one of these Hindi people and I could barely understand him so who's to say. I like my doctors like I like my bread, white with no nasty fiber.

Who are you again? How the hell did I get here?


Javatari said...

I turned 32 yesterday, but I've been accused of acting like I'm 10. ;)

Hope your son had a great b'day.

mjd said...

Happy Birthday to Tom. That is quite accomplishment to be a fine student, well-mannered, being able to admit that he has been incorrect, and stand up for himself as well. Tom must have a fine set of parents too. Congratulations

Miss Natalie said...

Ohhh that cake looks awesome!!!

Happy birthday Tom

Cazzie!!! said...

Captain, Yes, I remember being double digits too, my brother and I had our party together, our birthdays are 11 months apart. It was a fun party with all our cousins there.

Galen, thanks mate, yes, I reckon it costs us..I mean, the tooth fairy heaps of dosh, LOL. Sarah and Nick both have wobbly teeth right now!!! At Easter time too, OMG, LOL.

Big Mama, Oh, I know, I am already doing that now, when I look at my neice who is 10 months old, just crawling and babbling away, I miss it, but I also can't wait for tomorrow, but I also try to stay in the now...even if the now sucks sometimes, LOL.

Jay, OMG, you are right, half way out the door yikes..sob sob sob..

Keshi, you just do it, I dunno how, it just happens..like getting pregnant..just happens, LOL. Thanks for the compliments too (blushes)

Debi, ditto, thanks for popping in, and I look forward to catching more of your posts too.

Stace, awwww, thanks lovey, I feel proud :)

Iris, LMFAO, hehehe, I just love ya to bits, will be sure to keep an eye out for your blog...ahhh, I mean dog...LOL..you are welcome here ANY TIME..

Javatari, we are all kids at heart, I think it is important to be that kid sometimes, happy birthday for yesterday mate.

MJD, thanks very muchlys..:) We can only do our very best I think, then, they are on their own. I guess we will always be their parent, but we can always be here for guidance if they so choose to take it on board :)

Miss Natalie, thanks for popping in, he truly did have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tom and Happy Easter, too!

Stewed Hamm said...

Is that his actual cake, or just a dramatic interpretation you snagged off of the interwebs? Because a gun on a kid's birthday cake is fricking AWESOME!