Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sister Cities to Melbourne.

The City of Melbourne has 6 sister cities. These are:
Osaka, Japan (1978)
Melbourne’s first sister city relationship was developed with Osaka in 1978, following the establishment of the sister port relationship between Osaka and Melbourne in 1974. It is one of Melbourne’s most active and productive sister city relationships.
Tianjin, China (1980)
The partnership with Tianjin fosters international understanding and goodwill between the two cities and recognises the contributions made by the Chinese community to Melbourne's business, cultural and community life.
Thessaloniki, Greece. (1984)
Melbourne has the third largest Greek population in the world. In fact, 47 per cent of Australia’s Greek population live in Melbourne. Australia beat Greece 1-0 in a friendly match before 95,103 fans at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Boston, United States. (1985)
Exchange programmes have been set up between Melbourne and Boston. One example is the Melbourne-Boston Medical Research . Coordinated by the Royal Melbourne Hospital with support from the Melbourne Boston Sister Cities Association and the City of Melbourne. We have been able to send a Doctor from Melbourne to Boston through this programme. It enables collaboration and research into the treatment of arthritis and the specialised area of cardiovascular disease in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. These programmes are ongoing.

St Petersburg, Russia. (1989)
There is a large and diverse Russian community living in Melbourne. According to the Russian Ethnic Representative Council of Victoria there are 16,500 people claiming Russian ethnicity and 62,000 Russian speakers living in Melbourne. This figure includes members of the Russian Jewish Community and people originating from countries of the former Soviet Union.

Milan, Italy. (2004)
Melbourne and Milan. Both cities are outward looking and highly creative. We share passions in the areas of fashion, design, education, tourism and sport to name a few. Milan became Melbourne’s newest sister city in March 2004. The relationship acknowledges the vibrant Italian community in Melbourne and the many similarities between Melbourne and Milan.
This is what I love when I go into the city of Melbourne, the diverse range of cultures. We are so lucky to have fresh produce that is indicative of these Cultures at the markets. My favourite salad being Greek Salad, what would I do without my fetta?? I cooked Chinese cuisine for dinner last night, fried rice, dim sims, spring rolls and Soy Sauce, of course. We cook a mean pasta in this house, I am yet to perfect Lasagne ( Garfield, help meee). Russian food, I am not so sure I have tried as yet, but I am open to any offers of teaching me (any naked chef's out there? LOL)
So does your home town have sister cities? If so, which ones? And...does this mean we are kin if you DO live in one of the above mentioned cities? If so..... "G'day mate" and if you ever come down here, come on in and "parkyarass" , we can put the billy on the boil and have a good old chin wag, okay?


treespotter said...

i will have to check and get back to you on this, but Jakarta's more the kind that has mistresses rather than sisters.

PS: thanks for the concern, i'm perfectly okay. except for the flood, most of the disasters happen pretty far away.

Cazzie!!! said...

Thank goodness Ace, I am glad you are ok :)

tony said...

I guess the beautiful city of Melbourne, Florida (my home town) didn't make the cut! A shame really. What does St. Petersburg, Russia have on us?

Melly` said...

Saiki, Japan is the sister city for Gladstone. At our Multicultural Fair every year we have exchange visitors who come to it. They write the kids names in Japanese for them and wear their gorgeous clothes.

I actually like that fair better than the Seafood one.. and I love seafood. The different cultures sell their different foods - I tell you I LOVE that day!

Phil said...

Brisbane has Auckland listed.

That says everything you want to know about the Brisvegas.

We used to have Nice, France as a sister city until they started retesting bombs in the 1990s. We took our strong political stand and cut off the sister city relationship. I'm sure they were crushed.

Middle Child said...

I am one of five sisters too ha ha!

Lucy said...

I didn't know Osaka is sister city to Melbourne.It is about 3 hours from Tokyo to Osaka by Shinkansen. I think Osaaka's sushi is defferent of Tokyo'ss sushi.
Anyway I love shushi.

Flat Coke and Flies said...

Don't see Nashville on the list but we can still be sisters if you'd like!

farmwifetwo said...

We don't but we are very rural. One of the neighboring cities twins with Sylvania Ohio. But that's all I can find with a quick google.

Although I do know if a couple of transplanted Canadians.. we'll they were Cdn for a little while... I think they are Europeans.. in Melbourne.


Jay said...

Well my little home town doesn't have any sister cities. And to be honest with you the people around here probably wouldn't want any. They are mostly pretty narrow minded and very much the type to believe that every place on Earth is inferior. It's very sad.

Hey, maybe we should be sister cities with Melbourne? You guys could always use one more, right?

Queen of Dysfunction said...

WOW! Ok, so Melbourne must be one of the friendliest cities in the world because you guys have sisters up the wazoo!

Loving Annie said...

left a comment on stirrers-dream blog as you asked on Reiki's blog...
Poor thing... Many blessings/*light* sent to her and her love...

Rebecca said...

I don't know about the cities in Greece and China, but I do know the others all have trams, or have at some point in time.

Reiki 4 Life said...

hmmmm, now i feel really dumb b/c i have absolutely NO idea what sister cities are to my town.

and i haven't heard great things about russian food. perhaps just some Vodka with dinner? with lunch? breakfast? :)

Aidan said...

I ddint know there were that many russian speakers in Melbourne... Hopefully i will be in St petersburg next year... hense the russian lessons:)

This is one of the reasons i love melbourne, just the diversity... Lygon STreet and the Italian food, little burke street for amazing asian food, Pelegrinis on Burke street, little italian cafe. We are really a fantastic example of multi culturalism at work.

Stace said...

Wow, I never realised we had so many Sister Cities. That's very cool. Particularly St Petersburg, as Aidan and I hope to get there in the next year or so! That was a highly informative post, thanks! :) You also echoed what I love about Melbourne. Never a dull moment!

The Stormin Mormon said...

Where I live:

Federal Way, WA
-As of 2006 we have over 86,000 residents and are the 7th largest city in the state.

We have two sister cities:
Hachinohe, Japan
Donghae, S. Korea

Federal Way has a very large southeast Asian immigrant population and so both of these cities make a lot of sense to me. It makes for a good time at Federal Way Days in August. We have a lot of Japanese visitors in town, and good sushi is had by all!!!!

poody said...

Dunno I will check and see who is our sister city.But no matter you are always welcome in my home. Come on over!I know ya'll like some BBQ!

Melly` said...

reiki 4 life - isn't chicken keiv Russian? I think they make wonderful cabbage rolls and stuff?

And I kinda like the idea of vodka for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Cazzie - you will have to take the family to try out some Russian food and tell us all about it!

Keshi said...

wow what a very informative post Caz, ty!

So who's Sydney's sis? ;-)


love it lol!


Mark said...

So does your home town have sister cities? If so, which ones?"

Who the fuck knows? Probably the little shitty town in the outback that TimT told me built a toilet as a tourist attraction...

Whitesnake said...

Is Melbourne a City in Australia?

Sounds like some devil of a place ya would find in that Sate they call Victoria.....

whoops I feel and earthquake coming!

Cazzie!!! said...

Tony, yeah, I wonder why we couldn;t be known as twin cities? Two Melbourne's, a World apart, something like that. I know the sister cities have programmes to offer each other, whether it be artistically, educationally or medical knowledge sharing, so I am sure Melbourne should be able to share something!!

Melly, That is interesting, and I bet I would love that day too.

Phil, Auckland, how awesome. I bet Nice is spewing mate, too bad, they wanna play with fire hey!

MC, LOL, glad you made it, huggs Cazzie.

Lucy, you love sushi, me love sushi, we all sure love sushi :)

FC&F, I'd be honored to be your sister, I don;t see mine so why not hey!!!

Farmwifetwo, how cool, we are known as Mexicans being from Victoria, to people from NSW (Sydney), lol.

Jay Man, that is sad, and yes, of course we could do with another sister, more the merrier :)

QOD, Yeah, you are right, up the wazoo indeedy.

Loving Annie, thanks so much, it means so much to hear that, love and light to you too :)

Meredith, LOL at Vodka for all meals, I am now on a mission to find a Russian place here and blog it. I know I look after alot of Russian people, so there is a community out there. Wish I could speak the lingo, as we use sign to communicate and we laugh alot in the process. (We as in me and my patient :) )

Aidan, me neither, I have to call on interpreters at work if there are no family members around to translate during a procedure. Excellent that you are learning a second lingo, we speak Italian in this house as a 2nd lingo.
Pellegrinis is where we got engaged, went for my hens night, went when we fell pregnant with each child, and we take a tram trip up the top of Bourke with friends visiting so they can sample Sisto's fine cuisine and excellent coffee, or just a freshly squeezed orange juice. Sad the restaurant closed, glad the Espresso bar remains such an institution :)

Stace, it is so true, never a dull moment, with the Moomba PArade coming up, the Air Show, the Grand Prix!!!

Stormin' Mormin", thanks for that, how awesome. I had a Korean pen friend for quite a few years. We lost contact when he joined the Korean Forces there :(

Poody, BBQ sounds great, we can throw a prawn on the Barbie for sure :)

Melly, hell yeah, chicken Kiev, who shoulda thought hey!!! Yummo. Will do, my mission is in progress.

Keshi, glad you liked " parkyarass", hehe.

Mark, LMAO mate, the town I think TimT is referring to is, Tibooburra?

Whitesnake, ohhhh, them's fighting words pardner, LOL. Melbournians..we do it better, PMSL!!!

general_boy said...

Christchurch, Georgetown, Austin Texas, and Himeji. Fat lotta good they've ever done for me!!!! ;)

ChickyBabe said...

OK, I had to google Sydney's sister cities. I've been to 2 of them, Wellington and Florence. It meant, well, nothing.

Beefcake Almighty said...

At least you have interesting sister cities.

Ours is Frog Balls, Tennessee.

Miss Natalie said...

I'll need to spend more time in Melbourne to compare it to Milano. Shopping in Milan - better. Nightclubs in Milan - better. Men in Milan - hmmmmm..... better *drool*

I haven't been to any of the other cities, however St Petersburg is on my list.

Alicia said...

Beefcake has Rheumatiod Arthritis.
He's young, too. Intresting to know that a doctor in Boston from Melbourne is researching his disease!

Reiki 4 Life said...

hey, i didn't know you were a Saggitarius...we are the Wounded Healers, you know. maybe i'll do a post about it sometime.
love the profile pic !!

Cazzie!!! said...

GB, do ya good to dress up as A Texan and wear one of their big hats, LOL.

Chickybabe, that'd be because Sydney is such a wonderful place, nothing comes close to it!!!

Beefcake, "Frog balls"OMG, lol.

Miss Natalie, Milano is now on my to do list!!! If the men are anything like Patrizzio Buanne, Mmmmm.

Alicia, rheum arth is such a shit!! I will endeavour to find out what the study is bringing up. OK?

Meredith, that sounds very interesting, I will stay tuned.

Miss Natalie said...

Patrizzio Buanne is in Sydney soon, not one of my friends is interested in going with me :-( Oh, there's something about that man thats just sexy. Of course I love the accent

Andrew said...

I only knew about Osaka, but they are all such classy cities. City of Port Phillip, where I live in Melbourne, has 'international relations' with Obu in Japan and Suai in East Timor.