Wednesday, January 03, 2007


NYE started off by taking the kids to see A Night at The Museum at the flicks. A must see movie for all ages, packed with laughs and quite a bit of history I must add. My other half went into Melbourne to work for an events agency of sorts and set up the riverside party from 12midday.
After a long day sleep I took 3 of my kids into town via train, free transport for all on NYE and some of NY day aswell. So, the train slowly filled to capacity at each station nearing the CBD. When we got off the train there were sooo many people everywhere. Connex employees were ushering the crowd in the right directions, keeping a steady flow going, well done to them. They let us out with the pram from a certain barrier.
We walked riverside down past Federation Square where the party had already begun, live bands, big plasma TV's and people setting up their spot for the 9:15pm family fireworks. Walking along another minute or so we got to Birrarung Marr where the Alcohol Free Zone was for FREE ALCOHOL as some of the young adults were inquiring of my other half throughout the night, jovialy of course :) LOL
The kids and I met up with their dad, were taken into a compound guraded by security where they got to empty their bladders, have a soft drink or two and some BBQ. Hubby had to deliver a headset to someone at a live site down stream, so we followed. There were live bands from High Schools it seemed, having a battle of the bands. Kids with spikey hair and rings in all orifice, and perhaps other areas of their bodies, were in awe of this uncomprehensible music, LOL. OMG, do I sound old??? Hahahah.
When we left there we went back to the compound, got some cardboard and went back to the riverside where the kids were able to slide down, on the cardboard, a 5 story incline of a hill. What a blast!!! They were sooo tired. Then, at 9:15pm, the fireworks that went for about 7minutes light up the sky from barges on the river. Everyone loved it.
We then walked back together and got some hydration going, the kids had a play at a groovy park they have set up ther and we proceeded back to the station. This is where it got messy. We stood, in a line of prams for 30m ins to get into a lift to take us down to the platform. Then, a Connex lady came up to me and asked if I wanted to try another avenue to get to the station platform. At first, I was hesitant as I'd been in line for so long. But, as I thought we'd be waiting until next year to get into the lift, sigh, I took that option. Along with the lady in front of me and her 3 kids. So, we took the platform 10 lift down and then ushured along to our respective platforms. It pays to be wearing that Connex lanyard that keeps my mobile phone secured to my neck (wink).
We got the 10:35pm train, and got home just in time for midnight. Not before Sarah fell asleep on the train though. Our street went crazy with fireworks and poppers and everyone was yelling out happy new years.
In all, I would do it again next year with the kids in tow to the city, as I know the easiest way to the platform to get home. But, I am hoping we can all go away to Sydney in the bus to celebrate it there, and that my other half not work, nor I, on NYE, so we can see in the new year together. There is only one life time together, I want to make sure we spend as much of it together, especialy since I may well not have survived 2005 already!!!

My New Years resolution is not to make a resolution, LOL. But, I have to say, I reckon I might just resolve to have a Christmas tree like the one pictured, though, the bottles will need to have childproof lids on them :)


Ginnie said...

I'm exhausted just reading your blog...but I have to remember that I used to do stuff like that with my 3 babies in tow.
Sounds like you had a great time and I hope '07 will bring you all you wish for.

Keshi said...

LOL I like ur NY resolution..cos thats mine too!

Happy New Year Caz!


Jay said...

That did sound pretty exhausting. I probably would have fallen asleep on the train too. LOL

You know, you could just empty all the bottles for that tree. How many beers would that be to drink? LOL You might have to start early.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like it is time for a Bus Working Bee, or that other half of yours will never get it done. Just give me the date, and I will be there, I'm pretty handy at making sandwiches for the workers. lol

Cazzie!!! said...

Jay youn are right about the bottles, not sure the amount of them, thinking I may have to use beer cans....will salvage them from local footy field least our VB Beer is green :) The tin is anyhow.

Rebecca, sandwiches be awesome, hey, you can cook gr8 meals for us :)

phishez_rule said...

I followed that post nicely until I saw the tree. And now I need a new keyboard. Le sigh.

Sounds like one hell of a New Years.

Melly` said...

What a wonderful night - one the kids will remember too!

The Samstress said...

I love your spirit Cazzie! You have a real ZEST for living. You can't give a nicer gift to your kids, than making memories as a family. Cheers!

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. With all my best wishes for 2007.