Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Joy....

Christmas Eve was spent here at home with my friend Pat and the kids, all watching some of the Carols and just chatting away. Hubby worked the night shift so things were low key. As soon as they were all in bed, Pat and I got the biggifts out of her 4WD and put them in my room. I then put them out near the tree in the lounge at about 1a.m. Sarah got her cute set of drawers that I decorated with fairy and Princess stickers and a white roiund mirror to match it. A fairy costume, more like a flower girl's dress that is rose pink with tuille skirt and a crown with flashing lights..and a book of horses too. Mia got a small vanity table with lights and stickers on it and a hairbrush and a princess dress, pink with glittery silver stars on it, and a tiara too..oh, and a book about mermaids. Nick got Magnetix to play with, a toy gun, books and clothes. Tomas got the Mythbusters book and DVD set, x2 xbox games and some clothes. I got my hubby some flowers on Christmas Eve and that's it.
Christmas Day was great, we went to my Aunts, an hours drive from here. Spent the day talking, eating fine food and watching the kids ride the motorbike around my Aunt's 25acres of land. Hubby had to work so my Pa dropped him at the Castlemaine Train Station in the mid afternoon, the v-line train got him to work on time.
I stayed on with the kids at my Aunt's. The kids had an early night and on Boxing day we went to Kyneton to visit my nan's grave. Mia said, "but mum, why do you want to go here, you can't SEE her..she's in heaven"..well, sorry, but it took a 3 yr old to almost say you must be dumb!! LOL
Then we went to Vaughan Springs, 15 minutes from my Aunt's place. A public park cerated in 1878It was not surprising to see that the water levels were alarmingly low right now as we are in drought. There is an amazing slide there that takes up the whole side of a hill. The kids just love going down it sitting on a towel or piece of cardboard. Even the big kids like it too, and YES, I went down it twice, almost wetting myself too..well, forgive me, but I did give birth to 4 kids in 8years :) It is much steeper than it looks in pictures, in real life too.
We sampled some of the mineral water that you can pump out into containers too. With the drought the minerals are very strong flavoured right now. Good for those people who need a bunk up in levels of iron I daresay.
The kids tried to get out an old train set they have there that used to run on a small circular track. Not sure what's up with that, maybe they need funding to get it going or maintain it. It was in pieces in the shed.
Today I got up early to pick up hubby from the Malmsbury train station, although not nearly as early as he got up to catch the v-line train to us. Now we are home and all tired, ready for a long hot bath and a good sleep..wish I was a dog or a cat, I reckon we'd have it made at Christmas time then :)


Jay said...

That sounds like a really busy, but fun Christmas. Glad everybody had such a good time. Too bad hubby had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas night though. That would suck.

Rebecca said...

Nice to have you back Cazzie. Did you get a new computer for Chrissy, or is the old one working again?

Melly` said...

Sounds just perfect! Glad you had a good one.

Middle Child said...

Sounds like a great day...I love going down grassy hills on bits of cardboard...but at 52 and mindful of time, I am a bit more careful...bones start to take a tad longer to mend and can't afford to be out of action :)