Friday, November 17, 2006

U2 are here in Melbourne...

Am not sure how all these pics will trun out, as in, how they will display, because I am working in safe mode at the moment..damnation to Microsoft Windows!!!
These are pics of the U2 concert set up at Telstra Dome here in Melbourne, taken 2 days ago. There are more pics from last night on the digi cam but my love has the camera and is probably taking even more pics of the stage progression.
The height of the structure goes to within a metre or so of the roof of the Telstra Dome. It will take until sometime early tomorrow(Saturday) morning to finish the set up. I guess then the teching guys come in and do their bit with sound and light and all that jazz.
The place will cater to approximately 60,000 fans per concert. That's a whole lotta people dontcha think?
We have always loved U2, but I am soo into Pink right now, I hope to get me a ticket or two to go see her when she hits Melbourne next April. Guess I could get them for myself for my birthday this December..and I need to get me a new purse Prada purse shat itself today..maybe I will buy a cheap ass one that will last forever...just like my cheap ass Sunglasses :)
Have a great weekend people. I am taking my kids to a local school fete tomorrow, they are going to have a ball with the reptile guy there and all his venemous snakes, and Dorothy the Dinosaur for my girls to dance with. With 26 degrees as the coming weather, it is sure to be a hit :)


crabcake said...

Your pics came out GREAT! I can't believe how huge that set is going to be. Lots of work behind the scenes we don't think of when we're at a concert.

Getting cold here too. 38 and been raining for 2 days. They say it may snow today. I'm hoping they're wrong.

Jay said...

U2 Rocks! I would love to see them in concert. But, I'm not a big fan of actually going to the concerts. haha

Have a great weekend. And be careful around the venemous snakes!

Oh yeah, Pink kicks ass too.

Rebecca said...

Crap band. I hope the stage falls on them.

Melly` said...

lol @ rebecca!

I like playing "One" over and over in a particular intoxicated mood.

Have a wonderful time at the fete! Surely that reptile bloke couldnt be the same one we get here? With the hat and donations?

Steph said...

If you get the chance to go see them, you better grab it.
They're truly awesome.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Great pics! Have a great weekend!

gawilli said...

That is a huge venue. Most of the people we see are in much smaller places. The last person I saw in a large place like this was John Mellencamp. It was a good show but I'm kind of spoiled now and enjoy the music up close and personal. My favorite U2 was Joshua Tree.

Cazzie!!! said...

To everyone, the fete was great, the girls loved the snakes, the baby croc was cute, but someone dropped him when they were holding him so the girls did not get to hold him. The sticks of fairy floss were awesomly large!!! They ate every bit of it :)

Keshi said...

And I still havent found what im lookin for ;-)


The Samstress said...

I LOVE U2! Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

hi there,

just wondering if you had any pics of the actual concert...i'm on a search for any during 'angel of harlem'?