Monday, November 27, 2006

Salt Dough Ornaments and Our Santa (addit 28th Nov..)

The girls and I are going to be making some Salt Dough Ornaments to dress up the house and give away to friends as gifts. I have all of the ingredients for the dough but I need to go purchase some glitter, beads and other nice things to decorate them. I will show pics of it on Wednesday or Thursday. The days are beginning to get busier and busier that's for sure.
A friend of mine's mum makes cinnamon ones, they smell devine around the house, very comforting. She has a double story place and she does her stair case up with the most magnificent lights and homemade ornaments. She also has some very old American Quilts that hang over her balcony upstairs, setting the Christmas spirit.
Another thing we will be doing is getting some nice chocolate and making Christmas treats for people. Oh, and I almost forgot, I have to use the mould in the Advent Calendar of Mia's to make more chocolates..she gormandised the lot of them the day I bought the thing!! So, I have to make that again and hide it, LOL.
My boy Tom is almost 10yrs old, he told me his mates told him that Santa is not real. Then, he lost molar tooth the other day and he put it in a glass with water....for the toothfairy to come deliver some coinage. I am glad he can still make believe in something for a short while, or maybe he has me stooged trying to keep it all alive for the sake of the younger ones.
I have explained to him it is such an important time because we all get together as an extended family, and none more special than this year with my Pa back in our lives. Not to forget that we are also giving thanks for being alive and blessed to all have each other.
I am also thinking of making a Nativity set to display this year...but where to steal a donkey from and where to find Three Wise Men.

Mia has her new water bottle around her neck with her M.I.A Mia name on it.

We will be making Christmas decorations tonight, will blog them tomorrow :)


Melly` said...

Oh poor Tom. It is so dreadful to have your favourite things ruined by something as dull as the truth. On occasions my kids "tooth fairy" has left IOU notes. I kid you not. They loved them ... and now they laugh about them. "It was written in glitter or gold so it had to be real!"

Christmas is meant to be fun. I am sure 2006 Christmas will be fun for us all.

Cazzie!!! said...

Yeah Melly, I agree, we will all have some fun before, after or on the day. :)

Keshi said...

lots of fun ha Caz? COOL!

**My boy Tom is almost 10yrs old, he told me his mates told him that Santa is not real

OMG kids these days r far too matured. Sad. Cos I believed in Santa till not too long ago LOL!

Nice pic there - is that u with MIA? What a great Santa u made WOW!


Middle Child said...

Santa's not real! Really? Ha.

Sad isn't it when we find out...but its the way it happens...My older sisters told me when i was five one of them told me to look through a tear in our blanket...and Santa came in looking a lot like mum just home from Midnight mass... you sound like you love do I and our kids are 32 and 29.

White Forest said...

well decorated the pic!!

gawilli said...

Oh! I made a salt dough nativity several years back - I should share that I think maybe. It was so much fun. This year I am passing it on to my daughter for her first Christmas in her new home.

I remember when one of my daughter's classmates told her there was no Santa. We were both crushed!

Cazzie!!! said...

Keshi, that is Rebecca with Mia, and we both made the santa :)

Middle Child, sorry to have burst the buble, lol, we do like Christmas, but I am getting into it this year.

White Forrest, ty for the compliment :)

Willi, yes, I am crushed that Tom knows about it now, but he will keep it alive for the others he has promised me. It is nice to pass things onto your daughter for her new home, how special :)

Rebecca said...

Ok, we have to do that photo again, this time with MAKE UP! I look like I should have been the stuff we stuffed Santa with.

Ginnie said...

My son Matt, who is now 46, made the most adorable creche scene out of salt-dough when he was about 6...teeny little figures, all with big round eyes that he labored over putting on them...even the animals. I still have it. Thanks for reminding me what fun it was.

Keshi said...

oh ok :)


Mark said...

Can I sit on Rebecca';s lap and tell her what I want for Christmas?

Piece on Earth.