Thursday, October 19, 2006

Waffling on indeed.....

The 3/4 denim pants I wear are becoming loose on me, yippee!!! I haven't been weighing myself and I am just plodding along day by day. I was having the diet shakes two meals a day and a normal meal one of them, with fruit in between and alot of water. But..the diet shakes make like a plug in your bowel (if you know what I mean) I have gone onto just one shake a day and a balanced meals each other times.
The big thing for me was doing the exercise, 30 minutes solid 3 times a week. Our DVD player died..too bad I couldn't revive him, I moved the x-box into the main lounge and hooked it up so I could do my moves to Bob Harper and the Biggest Looser team.
I went to see a GP yesterday and got her to weight me and measure me and I said to her I will come back every 4 weeks to get her to do the same. So we made an agreement for me to work by. I also bought myself a notebook, funnily, it is titled "The Fat Little Notebook" to a T!! HA!!!

Today I get a surprise on my answer machine. My best friend of 31 years calls and leaves a message to call her back with exciting news. I am like, "Oh wow, she is going to get married? Well, I will have to work harder now to loose the weight I want to loose in time to be in the wedding"...but, she answered her phone when I called and said she is 17 weeks pregnant!!!! Wow...I would never have guessed it. We haven't seen each other in about 9 months or so, so this was a nice surprise. She is notably panicky about having the bub, being 35 years old and having her 1st child too. She said her place is not childproof at all...I said I would rent her my 4 kids if she liked so they could then baby-proof her house...LOL.
Story goes like this with her and I....we began Primary School age 4, same teacher, same day. We got into trouble together by the wicked Ms Jackson for talking too much..who woulda guessed hey? HA!
Grade 5 comes along and she moves to the country down Gippsland way. In High School, I am told by an old neighbour of hers that the whole family died in a car notably crushed me to bits.
Year 12 (HSC) and a girl starts school with us, she moved to town from where my best friend lived. She tells me that my friend is still very much alive and in fact..was right here in our small town because she is an apprentice hairdresser and she does 5 week roatations of school in the big smoke and practical at a salon in the country. I scoot over to her Gran's house and there she best friend..with freaky 80's hair and all..typical hairdresser!!!
So, we both became what we wanted to be, me a nurse and her a hairdresser..who woulda guessed it.
Sadly though, it turns out her only sister Sarah died in that car accident. So we named our first daughter after her. Her mum passed on not long after Sarah was born due to cancer that kept on returning after that very car accident. She was so very pleased we called our daughter Sarah.
I hope my friend's journey with her baby is a nice smooth one, and that the baby is blessed with good health. My friend deserves the best when she has not got her mum and sister here to share her happyness with her.

"Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart. "


Rebecca said...

If it is a girl, I hear Rebecca is a good name. :-)

Steph said...

You've had a friend for 31 years?
Wow, that says a lot about you as a person Caz. :)

Huggies said...

So your saying that Diet Shakes are just as good as Butt Plugs ?

Jay said...

Congrats on the loose pants! Keep up the good work. And great news about your friend.

TC said...

I am thrilled for your friend. It is awesome that you have been friends for so long. Thanks for sharing your story. I am touched beyond words that you named your daughter after her sister.

Cazzie!!! said...

Rebecca..yes, it is a good name, it is the name my mum wanted to call my sister, but we all loved Chelsea Brown at the time and we egged her on to call my sister Chelsea.

Steph, thanks hon, matter of fact..20th October is a birthday for a nother long time friend of mine who resides in Canberra, we been best friends since I was 14. So, happr birthday to Jackie..35 today!!!

Huggies, Sure are...just them ones I was having though. They recommend you drink a fair bit of water, well, I drink over the quota and still they are butt plugs. I think the policy of eating a bit of everything yet moderation is the key...OH I MISS SIZZLER!!!! LOL

Jay Man, Cheers mate, I do feel good about myself now.

TC, I hope I didn't make you cry now, LOL. Yes, I think of her sister Sarah everyday now, she was going to be a star some day, and now I think my Sarah is going to be, if she wants to be :)

Keshi said...

ok Caz Im in tears now. Its really sad!!

God bless ur friend!


halfmanhalfbeer said...

Cazzie: what wonderful news, very exciting!

Dr Evil said...

Lose the weight but keep the!