Thursday, September 07, 2006

Busy week here...

Here's my boy Tom yesterday at the local Events Centre where he was performing up on stage with his class. They danced to some great music and it was all rock and roll too. The students all practised throughout their lunch time and during drama lessons and it payed off well.
A lifeguard from the local Pool was there to get all of the 750 students into the mood to perform by getting up there with the microphone and singing a few songs. Even the parents got into it!!
My girls were bopping away there in the centre aisle aswell, they had a blast of a time.
Nicholas got an award in front of the school at the last school assembly, for persistence with working in class and helping other students out, I am oh-so-proud :)
Been a very busy week, cannot wait for Saturday as I am having the day off work. We are going as a family to the Biodiesel Meet in town.


Jay said...

Did you get a video of the show? That sounds like a lot of fun.

Is your bus gonna run on biodiesel?

Betty said...

You have a very good looking son. I'll bet your other children are beautiful, too.

Keshi said...

take it easy Cazzie!


Cazzie!!! said...

Nope, haven't got a video camera unfortunately Jay Man, yep, biodiesel will run our bus :)
Betty, thankyou for the compliment of my son there hon, they are all gorgeous..when they are asleep of course, LOL...seriously though, yes, they all have the blonde hair, 3 with blue eyes, one with green eyes, :)
Keshi, I hear ya honey, but I have to workout to Bob Harper each day to become the fit and healthy person I aim to be. CAnnot stop progress...also, it is so busy with 4 kids. Today is the day I have to myself, Thursdays are just fine :)

Keshi said...

4 kids wow! Super mum ay? :)


Huggies said...

Not surprised about you guys going to Biodiesel meet after purchasing that bus.

Cazzie!!! said...

Keshi, am a frazzled super mum right now :(
Mr Huggies, you are right on the money honey :)

Keshi said...

indeed ur a supa mum!