Sunday, September 24, 2006

Busy few days..busier days to come...

Whilst the 3 girls were at The Royal Melbourne Show, I took the boys off to Highpoint Shopping Centre. We went to the flicks to see "Stormbreaker". Kind of a mini version of a 007 movie. It all seemed like Dejavu at times...the lead character going into a toy shop to get his "gadgets" such as a yo-yo that ain't no yo-yo.....and a mini nintendo that ain't no nintendo. Then, a scene in the bad guys office, reminded me of a scene in a 007 flick where the badies walk over a small bridge and I think it was Goldfinger (correct me if I am wrong people) who flicked a button and the baddie was eaten by Pirahnas.
Anyhow, it was a grown up version of Spy Kids and a kiddie version of Bond...James Bond!!! Great stunts, won my boys' hearts with the motorbike scenes...go see it..ok!!!

Last night we went out for our anniversary, 11 years off having tied the knott together at Werribee Mansion..not too bad for this day and age I must say. Thanks to Alice the Maid for looking after the kids and cooking them spag bol...or was that Mrs Doubtfire? LOL
We ate at Villa Romana Trattoria in Lygon Street. We could not fault the service or the lovely meals we had. Then we walked our food off and looked through Borders and Readings. I love the smell of book shops. We bought a book on making soap, "Soap Naturally". One of tyhe spin offs in maing biodiesel is that you can make your own soap too. Nothing is wasted. I got me a book called, "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari",. Last time we went for tea to Lygon Street Carlton, I bought my life saving book "The Power of Now".

Today I went to work, yes, a morning shift after a night out :( I called home to make sure everyone was ok. I got this on the end of the line..." Well, right now I am rescuing Mia's Guinea Pig from her Barbie Doll Volvo Car"...WTF!!!
I am taking the kids to Rye on the Mornington Peninsula tomorrow for a few nights. I haven't begun to pack but Master Tomas has been packed for two weeks anticipation. LOL.
I will catch y'all later in the week then...... stay safe people :)


Rebecca said...

Hi Cazzie,
I think it was a pretty shit post I wrote about the day. So I think I will re-write it at some point.
As for being Mrs Doubtfire, umm, I have never been Robin Williams, and I sure as hell have never had anywhere near that much body hair.
I hope you have enjoyed the left overs from the spag bol. If it tasted like crap, I guess you better get busy making that soap, so you can wash your mouth out Cazzie.

Melly` said...

Congratulations and salutations! (I think Rebecca is a doll!)

Betty said...

Tim Myers has a mystery series with a main character who makes soap, and he gives all kinds of tips on soapmaking that you might find interesting. You might even enjoy the mystery!

gawilli said...

Happy anniversary! Looks like a wonderful evening. Rescuing the guinea pig from the Barbie car - kids, gotta love 'em. Have a great trip!

Jay said...

Guinea pig in the barbie car? I bet that was an interesting experience for the little fella.

Have a fun and safe trip.

Keshi said...

Ur babies r warrior-princesses - good on ya! :) So sweet!

Happy 11th anniversary Cazzie!

And hey take a load off, have fun and happy long weekend! Huggggggggz!


treespotter said...

happy anniversary!!

i'm impressed, you always have soooo many things to do!

Homo Escapeons said...

Happy Anniversary...
LOL on the G-Pig rescue...

911 what is your emergency.. may sound a little weird but do you have a miniature version of the Jaws Of Life?

Steph said...

Happy Anniversary babe. It's not many couples these days that reach such a milestone.

TC said...

just checking in to see how you were doing.